Start your day with a dance party

Quote Anon wearing sparkly shoes

I have a morning routine that I do before my day begins, you can read about it here. If you do nothing for yourself ever again, I suggest you get one too. It makes my day start from a place of joy and if I didn’t have it in my life it would be like not having lungs.

After this the days demands capture me, throw me into a frenzy and at times I have to regain control with a mini mindful exercise. I think the ‘your day’ in this quote is really important, we can blame others when they interrupt our flow, make excuses but really it’s how we deal with life’s negatives and how long we hold on to them that guides our lives.

Emotions are complex, the extremes are often lifted for me with a dance to a song that makes me smile. I crank it up and dance like I’m on stage in a huge concert hall. The boys run for cover – this mummy can’t sing BUT THAT DOESN’T STOP ME. I find night club classics from my clubbing days are a great way to begin, then I move on to anthems. The concert in my bedroom, lounge or kitchen goes on until I’m ready to take on the world…which reminds me The Guardians of the Galaxy sounds tracks are also amazing for mood shifting.

Sometimes I listen through headphones for a personal party effect but mainly I like to contaminate the house with my moves and boom the music as loud as it can go. I’ve also been known to find a musical soundtrack on Spotify and work my way through the numbers…always with random lines from various characters delivered in perfect time. My son sometimes comes in for a strut, but mainly I’m a solo act.

Why? Well I do have a drama degree, but I actually think I dance because physically moving helps those endorphins to buzz around, lifts the soul, its free and guess what – it works.

If you have never danced in the mirror, thrown yourself down the stairs like a Hollywood diva in the last few weeks then I have one piece of advice. Do it. Dancing isn’t for those that can, Shakira was right – the hips don’t lie. Kelis finds milk shades and boys in her yard, Beyoncé runs the world and Tina Turner is simply the best and looking great on each and every roll down the river. So what are you waiting for? Solo dance through the week and watch the changes that happen to your mood, body and vibration.


28 thoughts on “Start your day with a dance party

  1. Oh I love dancing! It’s not the same now because my children like taking over the radio and TV and I can’t really wear earphones too much because the kids still need constant watching but, yeah, dancing to my favourite tunes is definitely a great way to pick up your mood. #thesatsesh


  2. Oh this sounds like fun. Generally it’s singing that lifts my emotions. A good sing along in the car on the way to or from work does wonders. My day started really really badly on Tuesday and instead of moaning I took the tactic that it could only get better. My colleague and I had a good laugh about it… and guess what it did! Love a positive mindset. Thank you for hosting 🌈 #thesatsesh


  3. Your morning routine sounds perfect to me. It’s tricky to fit that in when leaving at 6.45am but I do practise some mindfulness whilst showering. Crazy but it works for me. On a Saturday, I love to go back to bed for a cuppa with no distractions. I may have to get up earlier and give your meditation a go as it sounds perfect and yes, to dancing. I crank up the music on my way home from work (it can be a 40 mins drive) and love singing along. Positive mindset indeed. Xx


  4. I have Party in the USA by Miley Cirus as my morning wake up alarm. That really gets you into the groove to start the day! #thatsatsesh


  5. as you know, i love a good boogie. I dance through my chores. Ironing being my favourit chore for dancing, but i clean and dance, cook and dance too. Tonight I shall just be dancing, socialising and dancing. Its definitely good for the body , mind and soul #thesatsesh


  6. I like to listen to music while I clean as it makes it much more interesting. Not quite Freddy Mercury with the vacuum cleaner in ‘I want to Break Free’, but almost! #thesatsesh


  7. I think my neighbours would love me banging out a bit of old skool garage at 6.30 in the morning lol! Sounds like a wicked way to wake myself and my kids up and put us in a great mood for the day 🙂 #Satsesh


  8. I love the fact that you do this in the mornings. I often dance around my living room in the evenings once Cygnet is in bed and after I have had a glass of wine. I don’t often sing though – Cygnet says my singing is ‘annoying’ – little bugger! Pen x x


  9. Ha, I definitely don’t dance (there are arthritic elephants who are better dancers than me) but all three of our kids do. Saturday night is definitely Strictly night in our house … #thesatsesh


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