Sensory play #3 play doh monsters

Today’s little gem is even better than the last! Yet again, I had all of the ingredients and therefore is was a free interactive skills that I think J loved.

I want to write that J loved it because it enriched his fine motor skills (that’s the skill set that will one day help him use scissors and operate his keys drunk at 4am) but honestly he loved fighting with them and used them as figures to play with (added bonus). The photo below is a little favourite because he used the fussli pasta as teeth, which as I looked at it was like stepping into his ever wonderful and developing imagination.

So, what do you need to do?

Grab some play doh (or make some of your own) and a selection of dried pasta’s and get going. My only tip is pop these in a little bowl so that your living room doesn’t look like a Dolmio commercial. J knew what to do by copying me…

Meet Synthia (above) my very own play doh monster…being a Disney Princess I really wished I had some pasta bows in the cupboard for her hair!

Anyway, enjoy – I can honestly say it was the longest J has ever played with this sort of resource before. However, I can’t say that this was my idea. I found it on a yummy mummy blog titled mummyonabudget, you can Click here for a quick mooch at her page , so all hail play doh queen! Many thanks x



 Be warned nobody wants to claim this quote, but it seems in comes in multiple variations (it’s a tricky quote, including substituting Tigers for Wolves…which may make this quote even cooler?)

I could probably write this post in one line…stop worrying about what other people think. (If you’re short for time – leave it there)

However, I work in an all girls school and it doesn’t take Oprah to see that worrying about what others think is as common as Miley Cyrus getting her kit off. It would also seem that ‘caring’ is at its peek in the teenage years.

Then, as a birthday gift I received this book from a delux Devon delight.

 Do you ever find with children’s literature that it sometimes blows your mind? This particular Tuxedo Tiger is more than just dashing and if I’m on the wave length that the author Peter Brown was hoping for then this book is about ‘being you’ and finding that when you do, your true friends love you just the same.
It was at this point that something clicked in my little blonde world – surely if I’m the tiger, my true friends/family, the core group I care for and ‘hunt’ for- and frankly the core group that I get seriously protective over. If this is to be true, then next time you worry that your butt looks big in those shorts (it works for J-lo) who cares what anyone, and I stress anyone thinks of you.

So, hopefully I’ve inspired you to give a little less to those who do not care or even notice you’re even wearing shorts and remember a true loved one loves you even if you are wearing a top hat.

(Seriously, read the book – I’m sure if you add a glass of wine to the mix, or even a bottle it could become the deepest thing you ever read…and if not, my 2 year old likes the vibrant visuals)

Be a Tiger x

Sensory play #1 Bubble dough


Don’t hyperventilate but there is no quote today.

Instead, this post is dedicated to play. The summer hols give me the perfect opportunity to be an interactive Mummy.

A lot of parents are fretful when it comes to play. I can’t tell you how important it is to your bambino’s brain development, cognitive skills, social skills…ok, you get the message, we are passionate about play!

This morning it was the turn of bubble dough. I’d never made it before and searching for recipes I noticed many included naughty ingredients that weren’t little people friendly. So I played with the recipes and it came out really well.

You will need 3 ingredients that I already had in my larder (bonus) and this means although not exactly edible that are safe.

Bubble dough:

I’m a bit Jamie Oliver when it comes to measuring, partial to a glug or a dash. So don’t be too precise on the measurements it’s not that kind of recipe.

  • One cup of cornflour
  • One table spoon of washing up liquid (a big squeeze)
  • One table spoon of olive oil (a big glug)

Mix and play!

Now, if the mixture goes crumbly, add more soap. If it is too runny, add more flour and for extra stretch add olive oil (a dash at a time)

 Here’s some we literally made earlier.
I used Fairy Liquid and its fragrance was lime (because this is what I had) as a result it made the dough smell divine and also a shade of green. Hence J called it ‘Hulk’ and it wasn’t long until his figures were playing too.

 We can’t play anything in our house without cars.

 But mainly we stretched it…a lot
 The other bonus is that the olive oil gave us fabulous soft hands. A mummy manicure without leaving the house! #highfive

It keeps well as long as you wrap it in cling film and leave it at room temperature, you may need to add a dash of olive oil to revitalise it. Another bonus is any dough that made it to the carpet or our clothes was easily brushed off – so no mess, easy to make…what are you waiting for?

Let me know how it goes. The princess in me so wanted to add glitter, so also let me know if you find any variations.

Happy bubble dough X

Some people are worth melting for

 Quote by Disney’s ‘Olaf”

I love this little quote and that snowy guy, I mean come on he isn’t as annoying as most of the Disney comedy characters and as a secret princess / kick ass woman – I’m so with the Frozen team, I’ve already got the t-shirt and mug…ok, not the mug but only because it wouldn’t match all the other mugs I have  (I’m such a loser), anyway it’s a good question – who would you melt for?

Personally, I speak to my bestie everyday on the way too or on the way home from work, I also speak to my Mum or Skype her everyday, so in true girl power spirit these women empower me….but melt? Hmmm…not so much?

It’s the men I melt for, and I’m not just talking David Beckham. My Dad was my first hero and he is soooo random at times he makes me laugh constantly. My ‘other half’ is totally gorgeous in my opinion and as my trusty soul mate and partner in crime / supermarket shopping buddy…melting comes easy.

My little man makes me continually laugh and I sometimes wished when he was a baby that I could get into his head and find out what he was thinking, well he was two in March so with no filter between his brain and his mouth – I now can; he melts my heart constantly with his funny little habits, phrases that just blurts out and genuine curiosity of the world. When J really melts my heart though is when he is sleeping, I think it’s probably an undeveloped cave chick thing, but I could watch that boy sleep forever, from his perfectly plump lips to his content eyelashes. (pause to have a mummy hormonal melt down of my own) or in the car the other day when he was gurgling with his drink. I put my Mummy voice on and told him it wasn’t funny – he replied “it is a little bit funny mummy” and that was it, I was laughing and completely undermined my own authority – oops!

The kids at school melt me sometimes, usually it’s the random questions they ask or things they say. Note to self: write kid school phrases down 🙂

So, come on, don’t hold back who melted you this week?

Puddle love

Fridge x

Loyal people still exist

 quote by Fridge’s fav: Anon

Always best in these instances to crack open a dictionary so we’re all on the same page, or in this instance ‘virtual space’.

Loyal: Giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution: 

Oxford dictionary (I’m so old school)

Okay, so sometimes in life you can get absorbed in the negative jargon of the newspapers, media in generally or even spend too much time with the elderly. Now before you all slate me for the last comment the two tie in. My Nanny nearly 90yrs old ( I say ‘my Nanny’ I kidnapped her from my Fiance and frankly she is a legend and I’d take her in the event of a divorce) and watches a lot of TV, so much so she can tell you about global atrocities, natural disasters and she spends many an hour discussing her privacy laws with any brave soul that attempts to cold call her… But sometimes I see a glimpse of surprise in her, a twinkle in her eye as she says ‘ someone helped me on the bus today’ or how she dropped her stick (always the sticks fault for being slippery) and a ‘youth’ helped her.

I know we live in a world where not everybody waits there turn in the que, stays faithful in their relationship or acts without criminal intent but I really do believe that if we look for good, trust our instincts (and avoid the news) we may just experience a positive world.

So If you have been treated poorly in the past (haven’t we all?) don’t judge the next Tom, Dick or…Sally by the same token, you may just find love, or they may pick that slippery stick up for you.

Stay loyal fridge crew.

Have you been hurt by a lack of loyalty? If so air it out with us below and we’ll rally around and restore love and justice for you 🙂


  Quote by Anon

‘Priorities’ is a swear word. To me it translates as the things ‘you should do first’ rather than the things I want to do, it also happens to usually be the jobs I’d rather not do ever and a ‘priority’ prevents me from doing the fun stuff like drinking cocktails in the garden or reading a book for pure enjoyment. 

In teacher land priorities are even worse, they sneak up on you (because you’ve ignored them all year) in the form of ‘data’ (an even worse swear word) or marking or something to do with upper pay scale and tracking- yuk! If you are a fellow teacher these words will send shivers down your spine like someone has not only stepped on your grave but also left a pile of marking next to it instead of a bouquet. Frankly, just rude.

However, this year I’ve perfected some of the time management issues that mean I require an extra hour in the day

The answer: I got up an hour early. Now first I should add that I am one of life’s freaks that doesn’t require a lot of sleep and I’m a morning person – so at around silly O’clock I get up and have a quiet hour to myself. I do really exciting things like unload the dishwasher, fold laundry or even a sneaky yoga class online. 

Ok, not exactly living the dream but it does allow me to have ‘me’ time and allows me to start the day with a ‘clean deck’ which makes me feel good. Plus I love the idea that the world is still sleeping.

  • My other new weapon of time management is an oldie but new to me…the slow cooker. Between this and my smoothie lunches we are eating healthier and cheaper. 

I literally don’t know how we survived without a slow cooker? I use it about twice a week, which gives me 2 evenings a week when Id usually be cooking dinner to have a slower paced shower and paint my nails…even better my slow cooker dish goes in the dishwasher. If stew in June isn’t your thing then don’t despair, we don’t either – so I hit Pinterest in a major way for summer recipes and let me tell you enchiladas in the SC are dreamy. 

This quote unlike many others makes me feel uncomfortable – it reminds me that I can make time and that sometimes we chose not to. So as always in this virtual world let’s turn this quote into a positive. 

Next time you’re asked to do something for someone else or your little one just wants you to play with them – think of the quote and ditch the cleaning, remember what’s important to you and spread a sprinkle of love where possible – in my experience the dust will wait for you. 

Even miracles take a little time

 Quote by ‘The Fairy Godmother’
It was recently pointed out to me by a year 8 pupil that 94% of the assemblies I deliver have some kind of Disney angle. (The other 6% is devoted to shoes) So this is probably not my first Disney quote via the fridge and it certainly won’t be my last.

I guess it allows me to unleash my inner princess and was probably a large component of my childhood (that and Sylvanian Families). It inspires, entertains and does all this with magic and the odd flying carpet or in the case of that particular assembly – Mary Poppins.

I digress, what I really want to express is my love for the mo-fo gangsta herself, the mighty FG.

Alakazam (unsure of the spelling but Google informs me this is also the name of a yellow Pokemon) wasn’t a word until that gentle, voluptuous grey haired chick grasped her wand and created a carriage fit for Cinders. When I look at my tired ‘done too many miles’ VW Golf, I wish I too had the ability to turn pumpkins into ornate carriages (or my dream wheels; probably an Evoque) but dreams or miracles in this case do take time (and lots of pennies).

The best miracles are the ones you don’t notice, where you reflect on life and realise how much you’ve accomplished. The feeling of clutching your graduation certificate, of taking your ‘homemade’ baby home, of getting that job, or finding that person that lights up your world…or if you’re a true tea geek like me – finding the perfect chamomile infusion before bed 🙂

Time allows for possibilities and future doors open to new accomplishments, the FG makes a valid point…all the good stuff takes time, so why wouldn’t miracles? It makes sense.

The Internet is full of stories of possibilities, miracles and everyday people experiencing dramatic events for the better.

So why wouldn’t it happen to you? Perhaps the fabulous FG isn’t going to knock on your door, perhaps she’s busy in the developing countries, saving humanity or maybe planting pumpkins…but with a little love and a sprinkle of time, who knows what delights may come your way? Just remember it’s never too late, it never goes the way you think it will and you can begin now. What little step can you do today to begin your journey?

Live your life and forget your age

 Quote by Norman Vincent Peale

Like most things in life I often think from a shoes perspective. If I was to judge my age by my shoe size I’d be a mere 2yrs old, which would make driving to work awkward and I’m not sure I’d have much luck being taken seriously in the classroom.

However, I’d relate to J better and let’s be honest everyone loves a nap time. I’ve never looked my age and I don’t think I ever will. My Dad has only a few grey hairs which in his 70’s (sssshhh don’t tell him I told you) is pretty amazing.

A few weeks ago I went to Sussex Uni with a group of year 10 pupils for a taster day – the lecturer who was also running the event asked me where my name badge was. Dressed in skinny jeans and converse I explained I was the teacher and at 32 rather loved him for thinking I could be 15yrs.

It made me think…I would never want to be 15yrs again and certainly not in this decade of social networking and 24/7 texting, apps and selfies…ok, I could handle the selfies.

A teacher I was working with is fast approaching the big 40, she said that once she reached this mile stone she would hang up her jeans as she felt she was too old for them.

Then it hit me…the worlds gone age mad! I spent my entire youth wanting to be 18 so that I could get into clubs, then realised that it was 21 before you could get into the decent clubs…now over 30 I avoid the clubs (they just don’t have the toddler facilities 😝)

When purchasing moisturiser it seems we now have to disclose our age to get the right one….

Stop! The fridge and I will have no more. Stop worrying about numbers like it changes you and concentrate on enjoying the moment. Who cares if at 27 I got a trampoline for my birthday or if Im partial to a bouncy castle (I just like jumping), I will buy the lady in work jeans for her 40th and I declare to never worry about getting old – there are too many awesome things to do and so little time. Crucially – worrying doesn’t change anything; except for your heart rate, wrinkles on your face and less of all those happy chemicals running around your body.

I’m not saying age isn’t relevant at all. As with most things there is a time and a place, but I think morals, values and manners are a little more essential to daily life than a selection of numbers on my birth certificate.

Which reminds me, why do we age babies in weeks and months? I really got caught up in that and with my non desirable maths skills it could take me a while to answer. Not anymore he is ‘2 and a bit’ because frankly 28 months sounds silly!

Please comment below if like me you declare  you will live now and worry later.

Just because your hurt…

 Quote by the legend that is Morgan Freeman.

I guess what I’d like to write about today is resilience. It’s a hot topic for me at the moment as I’m writing a scheme of work for September – yes, that’s right people…planning for the next academic year has already begun (gotta stay ahead :)). Anyway, while surfing the internet for wisdom and ideas I learnt a valid lesson myself – it’s blooming hard to teach!

Why? The intricacy that make up a resilient individual – by this I mean someone who keeps going when life gets tough, who can see the light at the end of the tunnel before it’s there…takes time to learn and is hindered by negative life experiences.

Enter the other half of my balancing act – being a mummy , and I realised that encouraging J to be able to ‘keep on trucking’ started last week. Encouraging him to walk that little bit further (he is a prince who still likes to be carried), to not naturally leap 6000ft to save him when he topples or allow him to play with the big boys at the park (man, those big boys aged 3+ are huge!) and then the one that hurts – to let him learn from his mistakes (ouch).

Mr Fridge jokes that I’m a ‘smother’ this being a mother who smothers, kills my soul slightly but at the same time delights me. I want him to find his own way, but I also like the idea of  stroppy 15yr old J wiping my kisses away and telling me to ”stop it mum” haha!

As a glass half full kinda fridge (of course my fridge also pumps out cold water or ice – it’s a social network legend) I also want him to be successful due to his own accomplishment, to find his way and ultimately to be able to overcome the sad times and turn them in to skittles (like the advert), so this weekend we will take him to the animal sanctuary to see the ‘baa lambs’ and to the park to climb the over sized scary Climbing wall…and having wrote this, in the name of resilience I may just not show my utter fear as he ascends like Spider-Man (maybe) x