Just because your hurt…

 Quote by the legend that is Morgan Freeman.

I guess what I’d like to write about today is resilience. It’s a hot topic for me at the moment as I’m writing a scheme of work for September – yes, that’s right people…planning for the next academic year has already begun (gotta stay ahead :)). Anyway, while surfing the internet for wisdom and ideas I learnt a valid lesson myself – it’s blooming hard to teach!

Why? The intricacy that make up a resilient individual – by this I mean someone who keeps going when life gets tough, who can see the light at the end of the tunnel before it’s there…takes time to learn and is hindered by negative life experiences.

Enter the other half of my balancing act – being a mummy , and I realised that encouraging J to be able to ‘keep on trucking’ started last week. Encouraging him to walk that little bit further (he is a prince who still likes to be carried), to not naturally leap 6000ft to save him when he topples or allow him to play with the big boys at the park (man, those big boys aged 3+ are huge!) and then the one that hurts – to let him learn from his mistakes (ouch).

Mr Fridge jokes that I’m a ‘smother’ this being a mother who smothers, kills my soul slightly but at the same time delights me. I want him to find his own way, but I also like the idea of  stroppy 15yr old J wiping my kisses away and telling me to ”stop it mum” haha!

As a glass half full kinda fridge (of course my fridge also pumps out cold water or ice – it’s a social network legend) I also want him to be successful due to his own accomplishment, to find his way and ultimately to be able to overcome the sad times and turn them in to skittles (like the advert), so this weekend we will take him to the animal sanctuary to see the ‘baa lambs’ and to the park to climb the over sized scary Climbing wall…and having wrote this, in the name of resilience I may just not show my utter fear as he ascends like Spider-Man (maybe) x

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