* I do swear…

It would seem it is essential for me to declare that all my ideas are my own, only mine…so help me big scary blogging lords.

As I’m adapting and taking inspiration from other peoples quotes, I promise to always mention that the quote is there’s. No one likes a thief. I must say however, so many quotes are from this really cool bestie of mine ‘Anon’. I envision her with crazy red hair, big clunky but oh so gorgeous costume jewellery and a Martini in her hand, as she oozes inspirational quotes one after the other. However, I’ll even mention when it’s her great work too!

If by some miracle somebody from a big office asks me to write on a product or service that they own, I defiantly double promise (pinky swear) to let you know.

I use to be a Brownie (No, not the chocolate tray variety…although Fridge has be known to conceal the odd square for me) in the Girl Guides, so my dib-Dobs and sincere promises are all signed sealed and now I shall deliver 🙂

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