We have tomorrow for a reason 

Quote Anon.

The concept of tomorrow gives me a little hope, so I think this post will mainly be about that four letter word that is way more powerful than most seven lettered words (small things and all that).

When the day isnt flowing how I’d like or I feel suffocated by the world around me as people demand, take, grab and ask…I often think that ‘tomorrow will be better’, without defending into melancoholy it’s true that we don’t know when our tomorrow’s  will run out, but I hope for tomorrow and to an extent I expect it. Tomorrow gives me hope, for better, less demanding, more enjoying moments.

Having just swerved (but acknowledged) the subject or death rather neatly I also feel the need to do the same for ‘living like everyday is your last’ that’s great if you’re backpacking around the world and seizing the day…but seriously who would have just hoovered their lounge, spent a week of there life potty training a 2yr old ( also know as a prisoner in my own home), who would bother to run the washing machine today if ‘seizing’ was a long term achievement? In reality I’ve just done all those things and I blooming hope for a tomorrow that will be a little more fun…hey at least if it’s not we will all have clean undies 🙂

The indulgence of ‘tomorrow’ gives us hope for long term goals to be fulfilled, to not eat all the biscuits (that’s why I’ve eaten them today, to help tomorrow out), for things to ease and change to occur.

Change is often like a leaky tap, when really we would all prefer a fountain of change at times, particularly a positive financial gain or when we face a long term illness.

I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring? We have plans so I’m hoping it will be lovely, I’m hoping it will come and I’m hoping yours will to…but before we rest our heads and wait for it to arrive make sure that once the chores are out the way there’s a little time today to indulge, to make small changes or just to smile.

Exist to be happy not to impress

Quote by American author Richard Bach.

One of my indulgent fav’s is my mini series on the delights of the previous month titled #things I’m loving and back last year I posted this little joy  #things I’m loving 2 you may need to have a quick read for the next paragraph to make sense.

Anyway, I think it shows that once purchased my bestie and me seriously didn’t care and wore our best friends t-shirts with giggles (pride was lost during our Univeristy years)

This week my little dude and I were blessed with her arrival and apart from a little t-shirt loving we made time to sneak off for a secret Hendricks Gin at my local (which felt rebellious at one in the afternoon) but was nice to breath in a little ‘us’ time before we walked home and she was on story telling duty with my son who insisted reading occurred in his ‘Igloo’ (she really does love him)

Once little man was snoozing in bed me and Mr F cooked up a storm with this fish dish to wish for. Seriously yummy and not that indulgent at all with the only ‘minxy’ ingredient being 100ml single cream – which split between four was irrelevant…win! We served it with sour dough as a treat. 

Where am I going? Well I realised that in my little bubble it may be a bit ‘unique’ but joy is found amongst us and those we wish to share, I’d never want to go back to my ‘care about what people think’ teenage years – but for those that have entered that bubble, like my bestie – it’s always a blessing.

If you care a little too much what others think perhaps you should also buy bestie t-shirts, drink Gin in the afternoon or read in a snuggly place just because. I know from my own experience that those whose opinions I used to care about are long gone and like a gin – the others get better with age.

*Dedicated to my awesome bestie and the greatest God mother on the planet, we adore you x

  All is well

Quote by Law of Attraction Queen Esther Hicks. 

A simple quote that also works as a lovely affirmation which I think packs a powerful punch.

When dreaming big (here at the Fridge we are alway planning bigger, wishing greatly and hoping huge) the hum drum of life can become soul destroying or make you feel like you are miles away from the destination that you desire.

A little Law of attraction reading or YouTube inspiration will quickly remind you that you then ‘attract’ the very thing you don’t want, be that a lack of funds or poor health…

It’s at this point I say this little affirmation and then think of 5 things that make me happy or that I wouldn’t want to change. For example; Thanks you for my health or my gorgeous family, a phone call to a friend or a recent purchase that makes me smile. I’ve no idea why 5? 3 seems not enough and anymore than 5 when I’m feeling sorry for myself can be hard to achieve, and that my friends is the exact opposite of what we are trying to achieve in that blue moment.

Generally it seems to be enough to alter my energy vibe and put me back on track – like a sprinkle of glitter or a ribbon on a gift.

So if you are feeling a little off track – remember ‘all is well’ and believe it in your heart, afteral there is always someone worse off and you may just add that ribbon to your dreams quicker than you thought. 

You are what you love

Quote by Charlie Kaufam. 

This is a quote that I find affirming. It’s one that even with self love and an inner awareness we all benefit from being reminded.

Apparently as mothers we are experts in putting others above ourselves, a clear example is when I spend blooming hours creating a roast for the family, I always give the best pieces of meat to Mr Fridge. I subcontiously learnt to do it from my Mum, who no doubt learnt it from Nanny. Bizarrely, even now I recognise this behaviour trait – I still do it?

So what do I love? Opposed to who or what loves me…

I love the fact my son sings Christmas songs at the top of his lungs in the middle of February and didn’t usher a single Jingle bells during December – timing is everything.

If love and happiness define me then that’s awesome, I’m made of small victories and scrumptious delights from simple breakfasts to gourmet cuisine. I am new cultures, travel and the warmth of the sun. I am snuggly PJs and an open fire and I’m giggles that escalate to full on abdominal agony. More importantly I am not defined by how others wish or perceive me to be.

I am the emotions that I surround myself with and the things that I let occupy my time…and when I do not love, I have a choice to change, rebalance, reassess and start again.

This valentines I am not who I love although I may choose to tell them, but every day I am me and I have a duty to love me and my mini universe.

Stay true to yourself  and always make time for the things that you love. 

Love is…

Just popping in to quickly update you on some action from a blogger I follow personally (she’s sassy and honest; a great combo) and she recently wrote about love. To see it in its full glory click the link to Thirty something belle blog. 

(Mum you will love this because I feature in the post )

Enjoy and love wisely x