You are what you love

Quote by Charlie Kaufam. 

This is a quote that I find affirming. It’s one that even with self love and an inner awareness we all benefit from being reminded.

Apparently as mothers we are experts in putting others above ourselves, a clear example is when I spend blooming hours creating a roast for the family, I always give the best pieces of meat to Mr Fridge. I subcontiously learnt to do it from my Mum, who no doubt learnt it from Nanny. Bizarrely, even now I recognise this behaviour trait – I still do it?

So what do I love? Opposed to who or what loves me…

I love the fact my son sings Christmas songs at the top of his lungs in the middle of February and didn’t usher a single Jingle bells during December – timing is everything.

If love and happiness define me then that’s awesome, I’m made of small victories and scrumptious delights from simple breakfasts to gourmet cuisine. I am new cultures, travel and the warmth of the sun. I am snuggly PJs and an open fire and I’m giggles that escalate to full on abdominal agony. More importantly I am not defined by how others wish or perceive me to be.

I am the emotions that I surround myself with and the things that I let occupy my time…and when I do not love, I have a choice to change, rebalance, reassess and start again.

This valentines I am not who I love although I may choose to tell them, but every day I am me and I have a duty to love me and my mini universe.

Stay true to yourself  and always make time for the things that you love. 


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