* Opening the fridge door

In 2014 I decided to use my sons alphabet letters to light up our fridge door with motivation, thought and hopefully enlightment (it definitely helped my mood – especially when the fridge contents lacked anything faguely naughty) it was a really cute talking point for visitors, so the next step was a Facebook page to share with friends across the globe, then an Instagram page that quickly followed and now this blog.

Allowing as many people to connect, stay positive and make their dreams happen.

To have a motivations blog is my dream, so writing this entry is sowing the seeds for a hopefully fulfilling and abundant crop of positivity.

As fridges owner I guess I have the creativity power to decide its contents, so what can you expect? Let’s just say I promise to be honest and true to my emotions, I won’t post a blog if I don’t believe in it, try to live by it or hope to live up to it.

As an English chick, I make a cracking cuppa and I know my teas, so while I flick the kettle, sit back…take 5 and smile for a moment.

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