Follow your dreams…


Quote by Kobe Yamada.

It seems appropriate to start with this quote.  I’ve been running a Facebook page of quotes for just under 6 months, my first post was Boxing Day 2014…you know the bit of the afternoon where everyone’s asleep and your on the iPad desperately searching to see if ‘those shoes’ are in the sale? I took a break from shopping, planting the seed of a Facebook page and although the seed never became a tree…it grew, I loved nurturing it (and still do), then a few weeks ago I posted the quote above and suddenly I felt like a giant hypocrite – as I measure at just under 5ft this is a huge deal.

You see what I really wanted was to expand ‘what my fridge says’ but I was scared of the blogging gurus, the http’s and widgets that are required in blog land…

But now, I’m doing it. It may not be perfect and it defiantly won’t be exactly how I want it for a while, but that’s ok because I will get there, baby steps. That’s how I think dreams are made…lots of little leaps of faith, a dash of good will and a chunk of hard work.

So thank you for joining me on my new journey, please share and stick with me. Perhaps we can fulfil our dreams together. What are your dreams and what are you doing to make them happen?