Eyes like a shutter


Quote by Anon.

When dusk falls and night settles in, I often reflect on the day I’ve just had. If I’m honest I do this with a negative bias and then try and review it with a bit more sparkle and include some positive vibes. Today I had one of those grey days where little is accomplished and the highlights were few and far between.

It’s these ‘grey days’ that I find hard to motivate myself and as we pack up 2015 and step into January I think it’s time I bought a new lens.

My mind is very good at judging, cataloging and recording any person who dare to scorn my loved ones or myself…or push in the queue infront of me, hold varying opinions or perhaps just look a little prettier than I’d like.

I don’t know if it’s a human, female, mother, teacher or ‘me’ trait but forgiveness is something I suck at. Well, it’s more forgetting the thing I was meant to have forgiven…either way, I suck at it. Maybe you do to? As the quote suggested I close my eyes and my mind becomes a photo album of moments I should probably not let bother me – least of all hold on to.

Just like a photo album from long ago can conjure emotions that you never knew you had – the mind is a powerful tool. I believe that it is our post powerful, so if you are jumping on the January diet train, make sure you take care of your mind too, it may just secure a sharper, higher pixel and altogether more pleasant kinda 2016.

Every adventure requires a first step

 Quote by the cheeky purple Cheshire Cat (meow)

A year ago I had a crazy idea and ‘whatmyfridgesays’ Facebook page was born. It was a little scary (although nothing compared to the fear of beginning this blog) and I just took a little step out of my comfort zone.

However the Cheshire Cat forgot to mention that after that first step another is needed, and another and I guess several more after that are also necessary. Those steps can get harder with each lift of the foot, scarier and at points perhaps a little sit down is needed?

I am currently sitting down. Metaphorically speaking (technically I’m writing this in bed so I’m laying) and I’m looking forward to Boxing Day for several reasons; the food is better (I love picky bits and bubble and squeak), crisps are plentiful, the presents seem to continue to flow, guests drop in and board games fulfill my competitive edge. However there is always space in my mind for a review of the new year that lays ahead and more importantly what steps are needed in the coming months.

If I were to list mine they would  probably look a little like this:

  • Love to be more flexible (don’t let yoga practice slip)
  • What’s next on the career ladder for me?
  • How can I help my son to develop?
  • I need a new foundation (swap this to the shopping list – add a new pair of jeans too)
  • Link my blog more, spend more time on social media
  • Spend less time on social media and more with family
  • Book a holiday…

Hmmm…as you can see good intentions are prominent, direction not so much?

Perhaps for me personally a little more thought is needed over this holiday season and probably over the coming months. I guess creating the list in itself is a step forward, well a really small cat foot paw.

Enjoy the festivities, the chaos and clutter and in the coming weeks or when everyone has dozed off later this afternoon may be its time that you made a ‘cat paw list too’ (meow).

Taking action…

 Quote by Steve Smith and Napoleon Hill, well kind of? You see they both have variations of the quote above so I thought I’d let them share the glory (i’d hate for one to feel left out – especially at Christmas )

Today’s post is short and sweet and offers a little gift I guess. After all we all have winter wonders to achieve, plus if you are anything like me actually find the gifts I’ve wrapped and hidden – as my squirrel memory is appalling.

We know this quote makes sense  maybe it’s just my love for Disney but oh how I’d prefer for Mary Poppins to fly in and make my dreams come true with a click of her  fingers or a jump into a painting…

Well, I’ve waited patiently for 33 years and she hasn’t appeared yet!

Then I posed a question to myself and through a link on my friends Facebook link, the answer was given…

Check out this 5 minute American show host guest Bishop TD Jakes, it sounds like the first step to action and definetly requires fun and family. Perfect for this holiday season.
Stay inspired and enjoy the journey.

You are not designed for everyone to like you.

Quote by the wonderful and talented Anon 🙂

Let’s cut to the chase – you just aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. You know yourself that you are amazing and although it’s okay for you to dislike others whether it be that annoying woman at work who’s always opportates on a frequency of high pitch and total bitch or a man you’ve spoke to for thirty seconds and that was ten years ago, it doesn’t matter – you’ve made your judgement. But they all like you, right?

Confession time. I don’t like the smell or taste of coffee. I don’t like the smell of diesel or freshly baked bread. I know, I know most people do but I’m me and not you. 

I don’t like the colour orange and I’m not too fussed about cats. This is a huge confession as bloggers and cats seem to be united? I don’t wish the fluff balls any harm, they just don’t float my boat. 

From opening the fridge doors you’ll know there are many things I do love A LOT. Friend and colleagues I hold dear and as for my family, united we are cooler than the Powderpuff Girls (this sounds cooler in my head?)

Be you. So many love you for this unique and quirky quality and if you love wearing orange jumpers with kittens on them whilst drinking coffee then I say ‘you go for it’ and don’t ever listen to anyone else’s opinions when it comes to fashion, we constantly tell our children to ‘be them’ and yet we lack so much self love ourselves. 

Maybe you are thinking about 2016 and what it may hold, I think it would be pretty awesome to love yourself more. That’s a gift that keeps on giving 🙂 stay blessed.

Discard everything that…

  Quote by Marie Kondo

Sparklers bring me joy.

The cheese on top of a lasagne bubbling in the oven brings me joy (I know I should get out more)

The lawn when it’s been freshly cut (and I haven’t had to cut it – obviously) brings me joy. It’s so precise…oh when my eyeliner goes on effortlessly and my flicks are ‘on point’.

The smell of fresh linen (especially on the line or when you snuggled under freshly washed sheets) brings me so much joy, even writing it had made me smile 🙂

…so if all this joy is to be had in the small moments that daily life can bring, why are we all so blooming miserable?

Perhaps it’s time for a closet clear out – but in this case a perspective clear out. When I was pregnant with J I did the most crazy wardrobe clear out ever. 9 black sacks later I had a minimal wardrobe and I felt fantastic. Create this with life and you are on to something amazing but start one draw at a time (unless you are heavily pregnant and nesting like a flock of flamingos in which case, do what you want).

Notice the ‘joyful spark’ moments in life and shout about it. Tell Facebook or Twitter how delightful your mug of tea is, call a friend and tell them how lovely it is to hear their voice. Savour the presents you receive on Christmas Day and write back to thank that person.

Spread the joy, no matter how little (dippy eggs and soldiers) and I promise you the negativity of life will be discarded. Marie Kondo is on to something so simple with this quote that I find the concept hugely empowering. Enjoy (and shout about it 🙂 

Need and want…

 This quote comes in many variations and has been used in a variety of contexts.

When this popped up on my fridge I found it ironic – seriously December is a month of indulging, luxury and pleasure for most. However, after some thought it made sense and I realised its timing was perfect.

A reflection on Christmas gone by reminds me of family traditions and memories made…I don’t remember many of  the gifts – just the thoughtful ones, and the board games and laughter…and I need them.

My son is bombarded with questions of what he ‘wants’ and at two and a half it changes daily and is often whimsical and without thought. He has all he ‘needs’ and although we will indulge and create memories as a family I know that this is what counts and what we will all remember.

Now before I re title this post ‘bah-humbug’ I should probably confess to over spending on loved ones, I’m definetly planning on over eating (ohhh I love a buffet) and trimmings will be purchased and admired – crackers, napkins, twinkly lights, the tinsel is up and the tree looks awesome, presents will be wrapped with precision and love…and glitter gel pens! 🙂

My fine line: I will remind myself that it is just one day, that I am blessed and that after the day I am still blessed. We will go for a walk on Christmas Eve and absorb the colourful lights and snuggle indoors to a cheeky drink of something that warms the soul (for once probably not tea) and watch the same film we watch every Christmas Eve…the indulgence of family and the luxury of time, balance is what makes my fine line.

Things I’m loving #4

Writing from the heart is always effortless and although highly indulgent I do like reflecting on the little things in life that make me smile.

November was a month when the temperatures in the UK dropped and winter slithered in from under the floor boards and overhead.

It was a month of new experiences and a month that tittered along at a nice speed.

As my previous post updated you I enjoyed the new experience of a fashion show emensely.

1.Clothes show live 2015

IMG_3206One of the aspects I most enjoyed was Libertys Histrorical stall, it reminded me how talented we are and how gorgeous the fabrics are (I do love a good print) and how eras alter and react to the world around us.

2. I’ve just finished reading Charlottes Web by E.B White.

Before you start questioning my age, I should let you know that back in September I wrote a post and set myself the goal of reading the top 100 books and this little piece of historical children’s fiction captured my heart – it was like slipping into my seven year old Mary Janes. Magical 🙂

Which leads me on seamlessly to my third item.

3. This lovely image.

 And in the spirit of Christmas shopping chaos, it was like a little yoga session to my soul that reminded me what is important to me and what I really need (unless you are Father Christmas in which case those Topshop earrings are still a major ‘need’). I’m not sure where I originally saw it, but I certainly am grateful for this image, it some how lifts my heart.

So take a deep breathe and a moment to enjoy the festivities that December incompasses us in, a step back can sometimes be the step up you actually need.


Don’t forget to play 

 Sometimes in life when we least expect it, you have to say ‘yes’.
I took the school trip opportunity to experience the clothes show live 2015 and I loved it! As always the pupils I went with were amaze and the staff were fabulous!

So what can you expect? Lots of #madeinchelsea celebs, a lot of gorgeous and healthy looking models – seriously it was abdominal central (sigh) and so much more.

I shopped till I dropped and paused to watch Andy Jordan (MIC) perform.

I was so impressed by the Textile and Fashion Uni’s section, Great Britain should be very proud – we have so much talent coming through.
  I paused by the doggy fashion stand (but none of it fitted me 🙂

Liberty (as always) blew me away. I’m a classic chick it would seem…and then we prepared for the live show and (see below) the storm troopers stole the show for me. Star Wars fashion is now a thing?  

It was an amazing show and I’m so very grateful ‘to play’.

Inspired or feeling like you need to play…prioritise this weekend some time to play!

Sparkle and pixie dust

 Quote by from the cinematic sensation – Peter Pan.

The recipe for life at times may seem a little complex. Especially if like me you are short and everything in life’s supermarket seems to be on the top shelf. Dream holidays and opportunities can seem out of reach as we settle for smaller breaks closer to home or live with a ‘make do’ mentality.

Today (it’s 5:35am) I have decided to up the game. This post is one I hope I can reflect on at a later point and say ‘see I did it’. The universe doesn’t like it when we share our goals, so I shan’t explicitly write down what I hope to achieve, you’ll have to trust me that it involves a richer experience of life for myself and my family – both in my bank account and in our memories.

Many mentors and gurus / self help books and such only write once they’ve achieved their success. They write in a reflective tense and I always think it makes it a little ‘top shelf’.

Perhaps you too are not prepared to settle and want to jot down your desires, dreams after all are only a mind set away.

The first ingredients we will need are faith and trust. Luckily I have some already and waiting. I believe I’m worthy of the best life has to offer and there are no blocks in my mind stopping me. Believing (faith) and knowing it has merit (trust) is a potent combination. It’s time to add some action and being a fan of anything glittery I know the pixie dust will appear like magic.

I wish you luck. See you at the successful and happy finish line (be warned the finish line of life has a habit of moving forward and the way there is never straight)