Discard everything that…

  Quote by Marie Kondo

Sparklers bring me joy.

The cheese on top of a lasagne bubbling in the oven brings me joy (I know I should get out more)

The lawn when it’s been freshly cut (and I haven’t had to cut it – obviously) brings me joy. It’s so precise…oh when my eyeliner goes on effortlessly and my flicks are ‘on point’.

The smell of fresh linen (especially on the line or when you snuggled under freshly washed sheets) brings me so much joy, even writing it had made me smile 🙂

…so if all this joy is to be had in the small moments that daily life can bring, why are we all so blooming miserable?

Perhaps it’s time for a closet clear out – but in this case a perspective clear out. When I was pregnant with J I did the most crazy wardrobe clear out ever. 9 black sacks later I had a minimal wardrobe and I felt fantastic. Create this with life and you are on to something amazing but start one draw at a time (unless you are heavily pregnant and nesting like a flock of flamingos in which case, do what you want).

Notice the ‘joyful spark’ moments in life and shout about it. Tell Facebook or Twitter how delightful your mug of tea is, call a friend and tell them how lovely it is to hear their voice. Savour the presents you receive on Christmas Day and write back to thank that person.

Spread the joy, no matter how little (dippy eggs and soldiers) and I promise you the negativity of life will be discarded. Marie Kondo is on to something so simple with this quote that I find the concept hugely empowering. Enjoy (and shout about it 🙂 

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