You are not designed for everyone to like you.

Quote by the wonderful and talented Anon 🙂

Let’s cut to the chase – you just aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. You know yourself that you are amazing and although it’s okay for you to dislike others whether it be that annoying woman at work who’s always opportates on a frequency of high pitch and total bitch or a man you’ve spoke to for thirty seconds and that was ten years ago, it doesn’t matter – you’ve made your judgement. But they all like you, right?

Confession time. I don’t like the smell or taste of coffee. I don’t like the smell of diesel or freshly baked bread. I know, I know most people do but I’m me and not you. 

I don’t like the colour orange and I’m not too fussed about cats. This is a huge confession as bloggers and cats seem to be united? I don’t wish the fluff balls any harm, they just don’t float my boat. 

From opening the fridge doors you’ll know there are many things I do love A LOT. Friend and colleagues I hold dear and as for my family, united we are cooler than the Powderpuff Girls (this sounds cooler in my head?)

Be you. So many love you for this unique and quirky quality and if you love wearing orange jumpers with kittens on them whilst drinking coffee then I say ‘you go for it’ and don’t ever listen to anyone else’s opinions when it comes to fashion, we constantly tell our children to ‘be them’ and yet we lack so much self love ourselves. 

Maybe you are thinking about 2016 and what it may hold, I think it would be pretty awesome to love yourself more. That’s a gift that keeps on giving 🙂 stay blessed.


17 thoughts on “You are not designed for everyone to like you.

  1. God you are so right! I’m the bonkers woman in the Christmas jumper from Christmas jumper day, at the check out at Sainsbury’s last night. It has a flashing Ruddolf nose and legs that reach below the edge of the jumper. I was also rocking some Santa earrings. I had forgotten I was wearing that; I had been teaching all day and was loooking forward to my wine and crisps. I got many admiring looks! Anyway, I’m sure many people don’t get me or like me but that’s ok! Great post as ever. #thesatsesh


  2. Actually this is very true! The amount of times I’m scouring the internet or shops of trends for mid 30s and thinking i don’t like that yet i encourage my kids to wear what they feel comfortable in and be themselves. Same with friendships, i worry that some work colleagues don’t really like me yet to my kids my reaction to them is to say ah well, you have plenty of friends and those other children are missing out. I really need to practise what i preach. #satsesh


  3. Another FAB post – I have spent my life trying to please everyone so I’m LIKED. No more – I need to accept I won’t be everyone’s cup of tea as you say and move on. I hope my cats didn’t annoy you too much when you came over in the summer hon 😉 xx #theatsesh xx


  4. This! I have only quite recently decided that if they don’t like me, they’re not my people and I’m ok with that. Oh, and I hate coffee. Not overly fussed about cats either… #thesatsesh


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