Taking action…

 Quote by Steve Smith and Napoleon Hill, well kind of? You see they both have variations of the quote above so I thought I’d let them share the glory (i’d hate for one to feel left out – especially at Christmas )

Today’s post is short and sweet and offers a little gift I guess. After all we all have winter wonders to achieve, plus if you are anything like me actually find the gifts I’ve wrapped and hidden – as my squirrel memory is appalling.

We know this quote makes sense  maybe it’s just my love for Disney but oh how I’d prefer for Mary Poppins to fly in and make my dreams come true with a click of her  fingers or a jump into a painting…

Well, I’ve waited patiently for 33 years and she hasn’t appeared yet!

Then I posed a question to myself and through a link on my friends Facebook link, the answer was given…

Check out this 5 minute American show host guest Bishop TD Jakes, it sounds like the first step to action and definetly requires fun and family. Perfect for this holiday season.
Stay inspired and enjoy the journey.

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