Things I’m loving #6

February! Oh my thank heavens your are finally here, was it me or was that January pretty tough? Legends fell from Lemmy, Bowie, Rickman…and then in the last moments of January the heavens decided they needed a presenter and pinched Wogan 😦

I’m not a big fan of the sales so tend to give the January high street a miss…until I saw this gorgeous little gem below! It was in Next and priced at £4 I thought it would make amazing present (warning: if I buy you gifts this is likely to be what you receive for the next few months), I was super proud as my little man now knows the letter J, yes that’s right loving candle mummy used a candle to teach her son his letters. (Sigh as I lay back proud, my work is done) 

2. I love nature. I secretly love gardening and a fluffy cloud, sunset or sunrise is my kind of heaven. (I still screech high pitched when I see a rainbow). This was on my way to work, so lovely 🙂

3. I seem to be a breakfast fan, which given my teenage years was a Kit Kat and a glass of Ribena – I’ve come along way.

This is toast, real butter (it’s better for you and actually has taste, we buy organic grass fed), smoked salmon and poached eggs…so nom nom and was my Sunday brekkie whilst the boys played in the snow.

So farewell January you did have some glimmers of sparkle.

What are you loving and how is your NY resolution going?



  Quote by Cesare Pavese, a little Google research on who he is makes me want to read some of his work (any recommendation gratefully received)

We recently had a death in the family and as in most cases it forces you to reassess your own direction and also reflect on that individual. 

It was at this point that I found this quote intriguing. Each person in my life is a series of memories that can come to the surface purely from one of my senses being triggered. One of my Aunts always had a wrigleys chewing gum in her pocket and so peppermint reminds me of her, although I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life, I can take a trip back down memory lane by a stranger in the street lighting a Benson and Hedges cigarette ( and weirdly I know the difference). In memory lane I am adored and treated kindly by a couple, one of which was one of my Dads best friends. 

Memories are funny because they can become a little glamorous as time goes on, enhanced by others opinions or even a photograph. Even if I reflect on my day – it’s a series of moments rather than a day that my mind recalls. 

This is why I think it’s so very important to make opportunities to capture these moments and also to allow them to happen. 

This week, make dates with friends and family, notice moments and capture them, either  by retelling a friend about them or noting them down in a diary…you could even write your own blog.

My memory for today is a first, J ate his first pizza in a restaurant. Until now I’ve always taken bits and pieces with me to keep him occupied throughout the meal. Today he saw the Pizza ovens and told his Great Nanny that he would like a pizza. His Great Nanny, Daddy and me then spent the rest of the meal watching him devour his food, it was literally big enough for two to share…or a two year old? He did come up for air once but that was just to let me know he’d seen the table next to us be served ice cream.

If that hasn’t inspired you to search for the good moments in your day, then celebrate that tomorrow is February and say a farewell to the darkest, wettest month…February you’d better be kind 🙂 

Find out who you are 


Quote by the girl power legend Dolly Parton.

I work in an environment that is surrounded by people who don’t know who they are, who they want to be and are desperately trying to fit in…no not the staffroom, I’m taking about teenagers. Having been and observed them for many years it is my belief that being a teenager sucks, I’d rather eat my face than return to the playground full of hierarchy and social behaviours that are akin to Penguins in the Antarctic than humans in South East London.

However there is hope. At some point between 15yrs and 18yrs they emerge. The uniformed casing of fashion and social acceptance for many (not all) seems to deminish and suddenly they gain confidence in trying new things, mixing colours (at times making interesting fashion choices). It’s one of my favourite aspects of the classroom – watching my kids bloom,

Honestly when they do it’s always epic, even if they are shy or insular, popular or so geeky that they make Nerds look brainless. Finding yourself is a beautiful thing.

In my thirties I’m not sure I’ve truly discovered me? In fact I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that most people never work out ‘who they are’

I find it bizarre that I’m an ‘adult’ and that I’m responsible for a toddler, that at work if I actually thought about the people that rely on me I may collapse in a big ball of ‘adult’ and ask my Head Teacher if he could call my Mum. I’d like to add ‘only joking’ at this point but as I enter a new phase of being a Mummy I’ve had to adapt, alter my priorities (sorry shoe collection) and at time rebalance and define who I am.

So my last words go like this…

Dear Dolly,

I’m Lucy and im playing at being an adult, but thats OK because I seem to be pretty good at it.

Internally I’m not anywhere near my actual age, I like crisps too much, gin and anything that sparkles.

I’m confident and opinionated and I dream big, despite the fact I’m not yet 5ft (see I still think I might grow a little taller) and I’d love bosoms like yours.

I love law, politics, books and selfies. In still working on ‘me’ but I promise to always stay true to myself and be me on purpose… Once I’ve worked out what that is?

Kites rise highest…

img_3390Quote by Winston Churchill, a man who I think would have made a wonderful Sunday roast guest.

Having a blog tests me in many ways, sometimes I struggle to think of what to write, I refuse to write things I don’t feel or believe in, I only work with brands I think reflect the ‘Fridges vibes’ (some amazing things coming soon) and sometimes I don’t feel motivated myself.

I do however love this quote, I wrote the section above earlier this morning. I stopped and reflected on its direction and my day…it was looking grey, like the weather. It was one of those ‘keep ya PJs on and eat junk food’ kinda day, which in our house is known as a duvet day. There is nothing wrong with a duvet day I just didn’t really want one!

I flew against the wind and left the sofa, with small steps I showered, added make up, blow dried my hair and bathed j (not at the same time…you know that whole electricity/bath water thing). Feeling a bit more human and less Maleficent I wrote some postcards out to friends (just because) and took J out with the pooch for a walk around the village we live in. I posted the cards and kept walking (J was napping), I ignored the miserable weather and ‘dream pushed’ this is where I’m 50% pushing the pram and in the moment and 50% dreaming – today’s dream was mainly about a warmer climate and Spring that waits around the corner, things I’d like to do in the garden and renovation ideas for the house…I also like to play ‘who lives in this house’, a bit like the 80s game shows but way more judgemental.

I just needed to save my Sunday. Tonight I plan to paint nails and escape into a book I’m reading. (I’m so rock n roll) flying against the wind can be hard work, especially if you have big dreams and an expansive imagination. The truth in these words above can also be effortless – but sometimes saving the small moments can make a huge difference too.

If you have a vision, a goal to climb the career ladder…you’ll need to get that kite off the ground and move in directions that others aren’t, against the wind you can feel exposed, lonely and let’s be honest the wind can take a sudden drop and you can find that beautiful kite crashing to the floor. That is something that I believe deserves a medal. Always pick the kite back up because when it soars through the bright blue skies – that’s when you know you’ve achieved something beautiful.

Feelings are just visitors…

  Quote by an inspirational teacher (spiritual) from Jamaica called Mooji. I did a little googling and he seems likes a pretty awesome human.

I’m not sure I can write a post such as this without reference to Disneys Frozen – ‘Let it go’is an epic tune, but that aside I feel we should go a little deeper. 

I’ll start with a confession…I suck at letting it go, I suck at forgiveness and the little things that others do really annoy me and even though I can’t ever remember what I had for breakfast I can tell you the wrongs that occurred to me right back to the early nineties.

The more rational part of me also knows that letting emotions come and go is essential for my own health and overall well being. Plus I don’t want to be someone that holds on to things in life that are well…pathetic 

At work I often stumble on girls that have such complex relationships with their emotions that at times they lock themselves out of friendships and in the worst cases out of their own bodies. 

In mild cases (usually in the younger years) tears cascade over ‘she’s taking my friend away’ or ‘she copied my pencil case’ and as I hold my giggles in and put on my ‘I’m taking this seriously’ face, I know that two important things are occurring. Firstly, they are still learning to cope with emotions and social interactions (aren’t we all) and secondly it’s important to them and with the title ‘Teacher’ that I know and as a role model it’s important that they feel that I care.

More vulnerable pupils (on not so great days) can find just being around people exhausting, they also tend to hold on to minor issues and use these to vent emotions rather than the hidden and more complex feelings that they have hidden much deeper…I say more vulnerable, but actually I can identify with that to.

This is why I think Mooji is on to something very special with these words; it’s crucial to feel and express our emotions – but it’s just as essential to let them go. For this reason I will work on forgiving and take a few deep breaths, it’s good for me and it’s good for everyone around me.

Can you let them come and go?

Don’t be normal 

Quote by Anon

Every now and then I’m drawn to this type of quote, it’s like I need to remind myself that’s it’s ok to be me.

Previous/ similar posts have included I’m not weird, I’m limited edition which lets be honest we all are, right?

‘Normal’ is my third least favourite word. For those interested my first is ‘flannel’ and my second is ‘nice’. Just pronouncing or thinking about a flannel is enough to make my skin creep and my reflexes begin to gag a little…normal and nice are probably on my negative hit list for similar reasons: they’re stupid. There is nobody on this planet that is ‘normal’ after all, who decides what is normal anyway? We’d need a normal committee for this that could decide and that’s even more ridiculous than the word itself. ‘Nice’ is so weak and average that is bores me slightly, it also doesn’t usually do the act or object justice. If a friend gives you a lift, I’d rather tell them that I’m grateful, thankful for this kind service…rather than they are nice.

Ok rant over.

So where am I going with this? I think today I’m saying the quote directly…don’t do what people expect you to do, to follow social trends, whether it be marriage and children and work and death…although with acception of the last one many people enjoy them.

My friend married last summer and spent the entire Christmas break explain to relatives why she wasn’t a) pregnant b) trying to conceive, in the ‘nicest’ possible way it was none of their blooming business. It seems marriage and a baby basket are like peas and carrots, who knew?

How many people trudge to work every day to do a ‘normal’ job they hate? If it’s possible to get paid to play video games curtesy of YouTube, then imagine the other possibilities for those willing to take a glance out of the ‘normal’ box.

Although I think that following protocols can work out great for many, happiness comes from serving those around you and most importantly you…so don’t be normal and don’t be nice and whatever you do keep away from the flannel and bring me a muslin cloth 🙂

Work harder than you did yesterday 

  Quote by Alex Lee

Hmm…. I found a quote that I don’t agree with. So snuggle down and I’ll tell you why. 

Language and vocabulary is sooo powerful, much more than we give credit for and sometimes in Law or when things really matter – we reflect on the words people used (usually against us) and we don’t like what we hear, if you are two and a half years old I’ve recently learnt that the word ‘no’ triggers all sorts of tantrums and dramatic tears.

Basically, I think the word ‘harder’ should be switched with the word ‘smarter’. Everyday I give the best me I can give and some days I’m epic, others I’m mediocre and there a few where I’m lost in a sea of phone calls, lesson plans and meetings – but I always work hard.

Watching management above me, I’ve recently noticed that the ones worth watching – work smarter. They deligate, they are open to new productive and time saving ways and most importantly they embrace change. Sure they also work hard (blooming hard at times) but they listen and adapt. It’s this adaptability to work that I think is the secret (ssshh don’t tell everyone), effective and respected colleagues flow like a river, when work mates down the line crumble and fall. 

So I’m sorry Mr Lee, but I really don’t agree (hehe that rhymes) and so tomorrow I won’t work harder than today but I will try to work smarter and will begin my journey by listening and doing what works.

I hope your January is going well and even if the skies are grey (and in the UK very wet) you still have moments of sunshine.

Always believe that…

Quote by Bridgette Nicole.

As we teeter on the edge of a new week, possibilities and jobs to do – it’s nice to ponder on the potential of ‘wonderful’ events and possibilities…

According to astrology tonight we will see a ‘New Moon’ this is a moment to set your intention and conjure what seems out of reach and dream BIG. This seems an awesome time to reflect on this quote and the opportunities that the next week may create – of course we also need to be ready to sieze them, act upon them and take a chance.

I have never been so ready! Before bed tonight I will write them down, light my candles and hopefully fall asleep in a state of relaxation and release. (Note: I will blow candles out in advance)

This morning two lotto winners in the UK woke up, checked their tickets and became jackpot successors to £33 million – thats a big dream. I always think if it can happen to them, why not me? I have checked my ticket and sadly the Fridge isn’t about to become a gold and diamond encrusted blog, in fact I lacked even one number, but I played and the wonder and potential was there.

So if you are stuck in a January rut and need to shake off the grey weather, the dull salads and money is so tight your pockets are full of receipts and snotty tissues (is it me or does everybody have a cold?) please snuggle under the duvet tonight and dream big, you can achieve and perhaps believe something wonderful is about to happen.

Sweet dreams x x x

Things I’m loving #5

So it’s Janaury and the best things about this month (which isn’t much as the weather is wet and cold and the food is healthy) are wearing and trying out all the new lovely additions that I received at Christmas.

1. My lovely Mum and Dad bought me this top from Etsy and I love it! It looks fresh and its cosy, plus the message is awesome! (mind over matter)

2. Are we the only family that Father Christmas insists come 25th December everyone requires socks? Luckily I did need some and so this Chrimbo tradition was handy…well footy? I love the frills and if you are thinking ‘why they look like children’s socks’ they are, as I measure a pathetic size two in the shoe department. But they make me so happy 🙂

3. Runny eggs and soldiers.

So this was my breakfast the Sunday before the world returned to work. It felt indulgent and a real treat. There is probably something nostalgic about this combo for me?It may be that my Dad can’t cook to save his life, but Sunday evening would always make a tea, usually crumpets or he would unleash his soldiers upon the world…well all of us kids, OK, I’m an only child so it was just me and Dad. Trust me though his boiled eggs were always boiled to perfection.

4. And the last photo sums up Christmas – not that we were all held at gun point, just that Daddy enjoyed the toys more than J.

Happiness always surprises me at how simple it is. I hope you found joy in December and like my previous post  Get out of your own way suggests you don’t make excuses. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #opsididitagain


Get out of your own way

  Quote by…well everyone, it seems this is more or part of ‘everyone’s’ sentence than a quote. I still like it though. Well done everyone.
Warning this blog contains honesty:

The best thing about having a baby (apart from the cute accessories and new born smell) is it offers a abundance of wonderful excuses, in fact take this back nine months previously and you have years of excuses.

My favourites usually revolve around ‘routines’ and the ‘phase’ your infant is at. I giggle when I hear other parents use them (because I can hear myself) and although there is usually an element of truth to them also, if you really wanted to – you would.

Whilst we are looking through the box of excuses (mine has an extension on the side) my other excuses come from either work, the simple ‘ I can’t, I’m working’ to ‘I’ll need to check my work diary’ are serious corkers.

It seems blog world is full of new years resolutions ‘to do or not to do’ it seems is the current topic of discussion, now don’t get me wrong I’m all about feeling good and being healthier so please write those self improvement promises down – who cares if it lasts for a day or a life time, better is better right? I have a huge list of things I plan to do, see or even know I should do…why not make 2016 they year I achieve them 🙂

But before you do, you may wish to make a mini resolution –

To check your excuses. It may be yourself that’s getting in the way, so now that we have our resolutions written in stone (or bic biro like mine) join me with my new challenge. Every time I make an excuse in Janaury I’m going to note it down on Twitter under the hashtag #opsididitagain because 1) im going to need to be a little more accountable than I was in 2015 if I’m going to succeed 2) I still am slightly obsessed with 90’s Britney Spears.

At the end of Janaury I’ll blog about how I got on, why not join me and let me know how you got on in the comment box below or find me on Twitter: @whatmyfridgesay