Feelings are just visitors…

  Quote by an inspirational teacher (spiritual) from Jamaica called Mooji. I did a little googling and he seems likes a pretty awesome human.

I’m not sure I can write a post such as this without reference to Disneys Frozen – ‘Let it go’is an epic tune, but that aside I feel we should go a little deeper. 

I’ll start with a confession…I suck at letting it go, I suck at forgiveness and the little things that others do really annoy me and even though I can’t ever remember what I had for breakfast I can tell you the wrongs that occurred to me right back to the early nineties.

The more rational part of me also knows that letting emotions come and go is essential for my own health and overall well being. Plus I don’t want to be someone that holds on to things in life that are well…pathetic 

At work I often stumble on girls that have such complex relationships with their emotions that at times they lock themselves out of friendships and in the worst cases out of their own bodies. 

In mild cases (usually in the younger years) tears cascade over ‘she’s taking my friend away’ or ‘she copied my pencil case’ and as I hold my giggles in and put on my ‘I’m taking this seriously’ face, I know that two important things are occurring. Firstly, they are still learning to cope with emotions and social interactions (aren’t we all) and secondly it’s important to them and with the title ‘Teacher’ that I know and as a role model it’s important that they feel that I care.

More vulnerable pupils (on not so great days) can find just being around people exhausting, they also tend to hold on to minor issues and use these to vent emotions rather than the hidden and more complex feelings that they have hidden much deeper…I say more vulnerable, but actually I can identify with that to.

This is why I think Mooji is on to something very special with these words; it’s crucial to feel and express our emotions – but it’s just as essential to let them go. For this reason I will work on forgiving and take a few deep breaths, it’s good for me and it’s good for everyone around me.

Can you let them come and go?


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