Don’t be normal 

Quote by Anon

Every now and then I’m drawn to this type of quote, it’s like I need to remind myself that’s it’s ok to be me.

Previous/ similar posts have included I’m not weird, I’m limited edition which lets be honest we all are, right?

‘Normal’ is my third least favourite word. For those interested my first is ‘flannel’ and my second is ‘nice’. Just pronouncing or thinking about a flannel is enough to make my skin creep and my reflexes begin to gag a little…normal and nice are probably on my negative hit list for similar reasons: they’re stupid. There is nobody on this planet that is ‘normal’ after all, who decides what is normal anyway? We’d need a normal committee for this that could decide and that’s even more ridiculous than the word itself. ‘Nice’ is so weak and average that is bores me slightly, it also doesn’t usually do the act or object justice. If a friend gives you a lift, I’d rather tell them that I’m grateful, thankful for this kind service…rather than they are nice.

Ok rant over.

So where am I going with this? I think today I’m saying the quote directly…don’t do what people expect you to do, to follow social trends, whether it be marriage and children and work and death…although with acception of the last one many people enjoy them.

My friend married last summer and spent the entire Christmas break explain to relatives why she wasn’t a) pregnant b) trying to conceive, in the ‘nicest’ possible way it was none of their blooming business. It seems marriage and a baby basket are like peas and carrots, who knew?

How many people trudge to work every day to do a ‘normal’ job they hate? If it’s possible to get paid to play video games curtesy of YouTube, then imagine the other possibilities for those willing to take a glance out of the ‘normal’ box.

Although I think that following protocols can work out great for many, happiness comes from serving those around you and most importantly you…so don’t be normal and don’t be nice and whatever you do keep away from the flannel and bring me a muslin cloth 🙂

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