I’m not weird…

 Anon strikes again.

This is a classic quote, you’ve probably seen it on tshirts or pencils, perhaps even a mug?

It does however make me chuckle and then make me realise how crazy  this little planet of ours is.

For example furniture at the dump is ‘junk’…in an antique shop it’s a desirable, and even more on trend if we call it ‘vintage’…

With a pinch of perspective we can create negatives or positives. When I was at school and still today the majority of teenagers want to fit in, unique is horrendous and desirable is ‘the same’. We have a really strict uniform policy at the school that I teach at, except for coats…if you look at kids coming in literally 8/10 girls are wearing a khaki  green coat with a fluffy hood trim – teenagers in an attempt to be excepted increase their uniform just by fitting in. Anyone who steps outside of the box, by just a fraction is called weird…

As adults weird becomes unique and although we may still try at times to fit in, most of us and definetly me included aren’t bothered about being slightly off the page. By ‘limited edition’ we transform into desirable individuals and in this day and age technology clones us enough, so this post is a general reminder to love your inner quirks and embrace your individuality – it may be the limited edition quality  that gives you a promotion or new pathway you desire.

If that isn’t enough then another quote by Michael Jackson also resonates with me ‘no one normal ever made history’, perhaps history changing isn’t your thing but how wonderful would it be to impact this world in some small positive way…you have the power to do so. Use it wisely.


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