Sensory #11 Pom Pom

Sometimes you wanna shake your Pom poms and at other times (like this) you want to pop them through cardboard tubes. 

In essence you will need: 

  • A bag of Pom poms
  • A variety of toilet and kitchen cardboard tubes 
  • A container (for the Pom poms to drop into)
  • Blue tac 

So basically, when I see something sensory or crafty that id like to do with J I turn into Cat woman and it becomes my mission! As a result, this mission was completed thanks to ‘just Nanny’ who helped collect cardboard tubes. 

I set it up (okay, I played with it too) while J was having a nap. Simply by blue-tac’ing the tubes to the window and allowing them to drop into the basket below.   
 Like all my posts / it’s a classic. ‘What my fridge says’ is not a place where we reinvent the wheel and this sensory activity was cheap as Pom poms (under £2). J played with it as a simple drop n run for about 10minutes then bossy /teacher mum waded in and asked for a turn demanding to be passed a certain colour Pom Pom or even a certain number of them (3 blue Pom poms) which for a 2yr old was perfect. 

We then took it to another level but I’ll save that for another day. The benefits of this activity were the sensory feel and sparkle of the pom-poms, the Colour recognition and counting from bossy mum, the motor skills of posting the balls through the tubes and the delight on his face when it reappeared in the basket.

For mummy it was also cheap, easy to assemble and clear away – we love a ‘no mess’ indoor activity and approximately 15 minutes of occupied toddler time – it’s a winner!

11 thoughts on “Sensory #11 Pom Pom

  1. What a great activity with so many sensory benefits, plus inexpensive-total winner! I’m definitely adding some pom poms to our resources, although ours are a lot older I know they would love using them too! #thesatsesh


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