Some things are not important

 Quote by Anon.
I’m not sure when I first saw this quote but it blew me away, I believe it may be one of those messages that we need to be remind of.

This week I haven’t been feeling too well, not exactly ill but defiantly not firing on all cylinders . My sparkle count tells me that I’m lacking in the glitter department and as a result housework has taken a back seat and arrangements with friends have had to be cancelled. I’ve become rather dormant like a hedgehog snuggling down for Autumn.

I’m not sure the dark mornings are helping, in fact they make getting out of bed a huge effort…

But all of the above is ok. (Note to self: keep reading this line until you believe it)

It’s ok because I need to take care of the important things, to prioritise my health above the dusting. It’s ok because in slowing life’s pace down I’ve prevented static days of illness. Health and emotional wellbeing are probably all that do truly matter, the rest of life (that I probably spend too much time dedicating my life to) is irrelevant… My grave stone won’t refer to the year I completed my Christmas shopping 2 months before the event, it won’t refer to my job and the late nights, I doubt my son will remember me as a mother who ironed (well he can’t in this case because I don’t haha)

As you snuggle down this Autumn take a look at the quote above and question what’s important to you and what percentage of time you are giving it, it made be time to alter your current perspective.


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