Work harder than you did yesterday 

  Quote by Alex Lee

Hmm…. I found a quote that I don’t agree with. So snuggle down and I’ll tell you why. 

Language and vocabulary is sooo powerful, much more than we give credit for and sometimes in Law or when things really matter – we reflect on the words people used (usually against us) and we don’t like what we hear, if you are two and a half years old I’ve recently learnt that the word ‘no’ triggers all sorts of tantrums and dramatic tears.

Basically, I think the word ‘harder’ should be switched with the word ‘smarter’. Everyday I give the best me I can give and some days I’m epic, others I’m mediocre and there a few where I’m lost in a sea of phone calls, lesson plans and meetings – but I always work hard.

Watching management above me, I’ve recently noticed that the ones worth watching – work smarter. They deligate, they are open to new productive and time saving ways and most importantly they embrace change. Sure they also work hard (blooming hard at times) but they listen and adapt. It’s this adaptability to work that I think is the secret (ssshh don’t tell everyone), effective and respected colleagues flow like a river, when work mates down the line crumble and fall. 

So I’m sorry Mr Lee, but I really don’t agree (hehe that rhymes) and so tomorrow I won’t work harder than today but I will try to work smarter and will begin my journey by listening and doing what works.

I hope your January is going well and even if the skies are grey (and in the UK very wet) you still have moments of sunshine.


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