Things I’m loving #5

So it’s Janaury and the best things about this month (which isn’t much as the weather is wet and cold and the food is healthy) are wearing and trying out all the new lovely additions that I received at Christmas.

1. My lovely Mum and Dad bought me this top from Etsy and I love it! It looks fresh and its cosy, plus the message is awesome! (mind over matter)

2. Are we the only family that Father Christmas insists come 25th December everyone requires socks? Luckily I did need some and so this Chrimbo tradition was handy…well footy? I love the frills and if you are thinking ‘why they look like children’s socks’ they are, as I measure a pathetic size two in the shoe department. But they make me so happy 🙂

3. Runny eggs and soldiers.

So this was my breakfast the Sunday before the world returned to work. It felt indulgent and a real treat. There is probably something nostalgic about this combo for me?It may be that my Dad can’t cook to save his life, but Sunday evening would always make a tea, usually crumpets or he would unleash his soldiers upon the world…well all of us kids, OK, I’m an only child so it was just me and Dad. Trust me though his boiled eggs were always boiled to perfection.

4. And the last photo sums up Christmas – not that we were all held at gun point, just that Daddy enjoyed the toys more than J.

Happiness always surprises me at how simple it is. I hope you found joy in December and like my previous post  Get out of your own way suggests you don’t make excuses. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #opsididitagain


4 thoughts on “Things I’m loving #5

  1. Thanks Hun, you too. It’s probably my least successful linky that I use – but I love it and it makes a nice indulgent reflection for me. Happy NY, although I’m not feeling January so far? Haha all the best things come in small packages…my mum still tells me this 🙂


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