Get out of your own way

  Quote by…well everyone, it seems this is more or part of ‘everyone’s’ sentence than a quote. I still like it though. Well done everyone.
Warning this blog contains honesty:

The best thing about having a baby (apart from the cute accessories and new born smell) is it offers a abundance of wonderful excuses, in fact take this back nine months previously and you have years of excuses.

My favourites usually revolve around ‘routines’ and the ‘phase’ your infant is at. I giggle when I hear other parents use them (because I can hear myself) and although there is usually an element of truth to them also, if you really wanted to – you would.

Whilst we are looking through the box of excuses (mine has an extension on the side) my other excuses come from either work, the simple ‘ I can’t, I’m working’ to ‘I’ll need to check my work diary’ are serious corkers.

It seems blog world is full of new years resolutions ‘to do or not to do’ it seems is the current topic of discussion, now don’t get me wrong I’m all about feeling good and being healthier so please write those self improvement promises down – who cares if it lasts for a day or a life time, better is better right? I have a huge list of things I plan to do, see or even know I should do…why not make 2016 they year I achieve them 🙂

But before you do, you may wish to make a mini resolution –

To check your excuses. It may be yourself that’s getting in the way, so now that we have our resolutions written in stone (or bic biro like mine) join me with my new challenge. Every time I make an excuse in Janaury I’m going to note it down on Twitter under the hashtag #opsididitagain because 1) im going to need to be a little more accountable than I was in 2015 if I’m going to succeed 2) I still am slightly obsessed with 90’s Britney Spears.

At the end of Janaury I’ll blog about how I got on, why not join me and let me know how you got on in the comment box below or find me on Twitter: @whatmyfridgesay

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