Eyes like a shutter


Quote by Anon.

When dusk falls and night settles in, I often reflect on the day I’ve just had. If I’m honest I do this with a negative bias and then try and review it with a bit more sparkle and include some positive vibes. Today I had one of those grey days where little is accomplished and the highlights were few and far between.

It’s these ‘grey days’ that I find hard to motivate myself and as we pack up 2015 and step into January I think it’s time I bought a new lens.

My mind is very good at judging, cataloging and recording any person who dare to scorn my loved ones or myself…or push in the queue infront of me, hold varying opinions or perhaps just look a little prettier than I’d like.

I don’t know if it’s a human, female, mother, teacher or ‘me’ trait but forgiveness is something I suck at. Well, it’s more forgetting the thing I was meant to have forgiven…either way, I suck at it. Maybe you do to? As the quote suggested I close my eyes and my mind becomes a photo album of moments I should probably not let bother me – least of all hold on to.

Just like a photo album from long ago can conjure emotions that you never knew you had – the mind is a powerful tool. I believe that it is our post powerful, so if you are jumping on the January diet train, make sure you take care of your mind too, it may just secure a sharper, higher pixel and altogether more pleasant kinda 2016.

6 thoughts on “Eyes like a shutter

  1. We’ve all had days like these- great ideain aiming to hold on to less as you approach a new year- I love the reflecting that the week between Christmas and New Year offers! #thesatsesh


  2. I am very similar and have got sooooo much better at reflecting on the day more positively since getting into mindfulness. The negativity bias is human nature – a hangover from the prehistoric era when we had to be negatively biased to look out for risks to survive – but it is definitely something that, with training, we can make have less of a hold over us. Xx #thesatsesh


  3. Reflection is good for us all, if only we all will do it! I have a list of a few, but I guess that keeps me off track. I vow to reflect in a positive light! TY xoxo #thesatsesh xoxo


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