Every adventure requires a first step

 Quote by the cheeky purple Cheshire Cat (meow)

A year ago I had a crazy idea and ‘whatmyfridgesays’ Facebook page was born. It was a little scary (although nothing compared to the fear of beginning this blog) and I just took a little step out of my comfort zone.

However the Cheshire Cat forgot to mention that after that first step another is needed, and another and I guess several more after that are also necessary. Those steps can get harder with each lift of the foot, scarier and at points perhaps a little sit down is needed?

I am currently sitting down. Metaphorically speaking (technically I’m writing this in bed so I’m laying) and I’m looking forward to Boxing Day for several reasons; the food is better (I love picky bits and bubble and squeak), crisps are plentiful, the presents seem to continue to flow, guests drop in and board games fulfill my competitive edge. However there is always space in my mind for a review of the new year that lays ahead and more importantly what steps are needed in the coming months.

If I were to list mine they would  probably look a little like this:

  • Love to be more flexible (don’t let yoga practice slip)
  • What’s next on the career ladder for me?
  • How can I help my son to develop?
  • I need a new foundation (swap this to the shopping list – add a new pair of jeans too)
  • Link my blog more, spend more time on social media
  • Spend less time on social media and more with family
  • Book a holiday…

Hmmm…as you can see good intentions are prominent, direction not so much?

Perhaps for me personally a little more thought is needed over this holiday season and probably over the coming months. I guess creating the list in itself is a step forward, well a really small cat foot paw.

Enjoy the festivities, the chaos and clutter and in the coming weeks or when everyone has dozed off later this afternoon may be its time that you made a ‘cat paw list too’ (meow).


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