Quote by Cesare Pavese, a little Google research on who he is makes me want to read some of his work (any recommendation gratefully received)

We recently had a death in the family and as in most cases it forces you to reassess your own direction and also reflect on that individual. 

It was at this point that I found this quote intriguing. Each person in my life is a series of memories that can come to the surface purely from one of my senses being triggered. One of my Aunts always had a wrigleys chewing gum in her pocket and so peppermint reminds me of her, although I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life, I can take a trip back down memory lane by a stranger in the street lighting a Benson and Hedges cigarette ( and weirdly I know the difference). In memory lane I am adored and treated kindly by a couple, one of which was one of my Dads best friends. 

Memories are funny because they can become a little glamorous as time goes on, enhanced by others opinions or even a photograph. Even if I reflect on my day – it’s a series of moments rather than a day that my mind recalls. 

This is why I think it’s so very important to make opportunities to capture these moments and also to allow them to happen. 

This week, make dates with friends and family, notice moments and capture them, either  by retelling a friend about them or noting them down in a diary…you could even write your own blog.

My memory for today is a first, J ate his first pizza in a restaurant. Until now I’ve always taken bits and pieces with me to keep him occupied throughout the meal. Today he saw the Pizza ovens and told his Great Nanny that he would like a pizza. His Great Nanny, Daddy and me then spent the rest of the meal watching him devour his food, it was literally big enough for two to share…or a two year old? He did come up for air once but that was just to let me know he’d seen the table next to us be served ice cream.

If that hasn’t inspired you to search for the good moments in your day, then celebrate that tomorrow is February and say a farewell to the darkest, wettest month…February you’d better be kind 🙂 


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