Find out who you are 


Quote by the girl power legend Dolly Parton.

I work in an environment that is surrounded by people who don’t know who they are, who they want to be and are desperately trying to fit in…no not the staffroom, I’m taking about teenagers. Having been and observed them for many years it is my belief that being a teenager sucks, I’d rather eat my face than return to the playground full of hierarchy and social behaviours that are akin to Penguins in the Antarctic than humans in South East London.

However there is hope. At some point between 15yrs and 18yrs they emerge. The uniformed casing of fashion and social acceptance for many (not all) seems to deminish and suddenly they gain confidence in trying new things, mixing colours (at times making interesting fashion choices). It’s one of my favourite aspects of the classroom – watching my kids bloom,

Honestly when they do it’s always epic, even if they are shy or insular, popular or so geeky that they make Nerds look brainless. Finding yourself is a beautiful thing.

In my thirties I’m not sure I’ve truly discovered me? In fact I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that most people never work out ‘who they are’

I find it bizarre that I’m an ‘adult’ and that I’m responsible for a toddler, that at work if I actually thought about the people that rely on me I may collapse in a big ball of ‘adult’ and ask my Head Teacher if he could call my Mum. I’d like to add ‘only joking’ at this point but as I enter a new phase of being a Mummy I’ve had to adapt, alter my priorities (sorry shoe collection) and at time rebalance and define who I am.

So my last words go like this…

Dear Dolly,

I’m Lucy and im playing at being an adult, but thats OK because I seem to be pretty good at it.

Internally I’m not anywhere near my actual age, I like crisps too much, gin and anything that sparkles.

I’m confident and opinionated and I dream big, despite the fact I’m not yet 5ft (see I still think I might grow a little taller) and I’d love bosoms like yours.

I love law, politics, books and selfies. In still working on ‘me’ but I promise to always stay true to myself and be me on purpose… Once I’ve worked out what that is?

12 thoughts on “Find out who you are 

  1. love this post. I think we all pretend to be adults and act out adulting behaviour as and when its required. I also think we find different bits of ourselves. At 18 I felt sure i knew what i wanted. By 30 I realised i had still been very much of a lost soul but was sure I’d made it to the real me when i became a mummy. At 40 i thought wow, this me is the real me. In November i turned 50 and thought, yep, now I really am being true to myself!!! #thesatsesh


  2. I definitely don’t feel like an adult. I recently met a bunch of kids I used to babysit for and while I of course knew they were grown up now, in my head they were still very young adults. Then one of them mentioned her 28th birthday and I nearly hit the floor. How is that possible? I’m not that old yet surely? Half of them already have these amazing careers and have their whole life figured out, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up 😂


  3. I do that thing where something serious happens and I look around for the nearest adult… and realise that it’s me and I have to do adulting stuff. I’m 41 in body, 18 in mind. I’m sure I’ll figure it all out something soon… #thesatsesh


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