Don’t forget to play 

 Sometimes in life when we least expect it, you have to say ‘yes’.
I took the school trip opportunity to experience the clothes show live 2015 and I loved it! As always the pupils I went with were amaze and the staff were fabulous!

So what can you expect? Lots of #madeinchelsea celebs, a lot of gorgeous and healthy looking models – seriously it was abdominal central (sigh) and so much more.

I shopped till I dropped and paused to watch Andy Jordan (MIC) perform.

I was so impressed by the Textile and Fashion Uni’s section, Great Britain should be very proud – we have so much talent coming through.
  I paused by the doggy fashion stand (but none of it fitted me 🙂

Liberty (as always) blew me away. I’m a classic chick it would seem…and then we prepared for the live show and (see below) the storm troopers stole the show for me. Star Wars fashion is now a thing?  

It was an amazing show and I’m so very grateful ‘to play’.

Inspired or feeling like you need to play…prioritise this weekend some time to play!


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