Sparkle and pixie dust

 Quote by from the cinematic sensation – Peter Pan.

The recipe for life at times may seem a little complex. Especially if like me you are short and everything in life’s supermarket seems to be on the top shelf. Dream holidays and opportunities can seem out of reach as we settle for smaller breaks closer to home or live with a ‘make do’ mentality.

Today (it’s 5:35am) I have decided to up the game. This post is one I hope I can reflect on at a later point and say ‘see I did it’. The universe doesn’t like it when we share our goals, so I shan’t explicitly write down what I hope to achieve, you’ll have to trust me that it involves a richer experience of life for myself and my family – both in my bank account and in our memories.

Many mentors and gurus / self help books and such only write once they’ve achieved their success. They write in a reflective tense and I always think it makes it a little ‘top shelf’.

Perhaps you too are not prepared to settle and want to jot down your desires, dreams after all are only a mind set away.

The first ingredients we will need are faith and trust. Luckily I have some already and waiting. I believe I’m worthy of the best life has to offer and there are no blocks in my mind stopping me. Believing (faith) and knowing it has merit (trust) is a potent combination. It’s time to add some action and being a fan of anything glittery I know the pixie dust will appear like magic.

I wish you luck. See you at the successful and happy finish line (be warned the finish line of life has a habit of moving forward and the way there is never straight)

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