Creative minds

 Quote by John William Gardner.
Sometimes my mind is so full it is literally whizzing and fizzing with ideas and colour. I can’t stop it. When I’m teaching it’s an amazing tool as my creative brain makes even the dullest of curriculum topics look like a Disneyland post card (at least to me).

Most of the whizzing ideas are never used or I’m just unable to focus on one of them for long enough to actually give it a sprinkle of lateral thinking and a dash of reality.

Due to the volume and mess that my whizzing and fizzing head fills up with- it’s pretty messy in there (thankfully visitors can’t pop by) and at times it prevents me from sleeping or focusing when I need to. Why do ideas often appear just as you snuggle down?

If you live with a creative mind – you’re in good company. A creative mind doesn’t mean you go into a careers within the arts, as many successful accountants are creative with statistics and figures (who knew I shared any brain space with an accountant or banker).

Entrepreneurs are the creative thinkers that allow the fully flow of crazy ideas. As we know many have financial success, so I guess its important that we listen to our inner voice – it may just be the next great idea. So how do I control the fizz? I either don’t and just go with the creative chaos or I picture a white mirrored room and try to stop the whizzing by focusing on something clear and that calms my soul.

I guess a little like my previous post Fake a smile #1 listening to chilled music helps too. This is where I skip my Whitney tracks and go for Jack Johnson or Nerina…pure bliss 🙂 another idea that I’d like to share is a magical sparkly water melon book – okay, mine happens to be but I guess any (sparkly) paper pad would do.

When the world is still and sleeping and my mind is preparing for the unofficial Olympic Games of ideas and whizzing, I grab my pad and scribble, it allows my brain to empty and although the next morning I reflect back at my 2am scribble marathon with slight concern, I can usually use most of the ideas in some form or they can stay on the page until a time where they find their place.

How do you chill your whizzing brain, or like me do you secretly like to scribble them down?

34 thoughts on “Creative minds

  1. I have the opposite problem, I live with a messy boy but my solution is the same….Yoga and meditation:) I also use reading for escapism, and frebreeze – lots of it!


  2. Yes, I have a whizzy mind too 🙂 I grab my phone and tap ideas into: Notes. Once they are written down, I’m happy! Alison x #MarvMondays

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  3. Oh yes my mind is constantly buzzing and trying to order itself and then going off on another tangent! I write lists. I have lists everywhere, and covering every topic! I also play the piano to just help focus my mind on a single thought for a while #MarvMondays

    P.S. I’m loving the sparkly notepad!

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  4. I love this! My mind is always racing with ideas, things to do, plans etc. My mind doesn’t sound quite as colourful and vibrant as yours mind; A degree of structure and logic seems to rule me! But like you I find the technique of getting things on paper is so helpful when you just can’t relax. I also use breathing techniques to clear my head and focus. I should really use them more. #MarvMondays

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  5. Exercise is definitely my solution for stopping the whizzing around thoughts. 90 mins of chucking weights around and I always feel better. I can safely say I’ve never come out of the gym stresses or grumpy! #thesatsesh


  6. So true- I have ‘shiny thing’ syndrome, hopping from one great idea to the next. Really trying to work on my consistency and peresverence on one task at a time. It isn’t easy! #thesatsesh


  7. My brain does not even shut up! I have about 5 notebooks so there’s always one close by for when an idea strikes. My brain is definitely messy xx #thesatsesh


  8. What a great thing it is to have a creative mind! I’m not sure if I do but I frequently have trouble sleeping. However, I seem to remember boring tasks that need to be done more than anything else, which I then write in my dreaded phone reminders app (mistake – cue extra half an hour of mindless phone surfing!) But I think a little notebook would probably be a much better idea! I love the listening to Jack Johnson to calm thoughts, I’m going to try this. #thesatsesh


  9. I literally just took a notepad from my husband that he wasn’t using yesterday, because I felt like I lose all of my ideas because I don’t write them down. I try to type them on my phone but you know how much of a challenge that is when two toddlers are trying to grab at your phone whilst trying to anything on it. They will try to grab my pen, but Ill just give them another one and let them scribble. #thesatsesh


  10. Oh my gosh, my mind is unbelievably whizzy, whirry and won’t stay still! I haven’t found a good way to calm it yet, although I do tend to find myself writing at silly o’clock in the morning often. #TheSatSesh


  11. Oh I can so relate to this. I’m not the greatest of sleepers because my mind won’t shut up! When I’m working, I struggle at times because I am a real flitter, I flit from one computer tab to the next! Now, funnily enough I do have tons of notebooks and I do try and get my ideas down on paper and then I get out of the habit and it all overwhelms me again.
    So I think that today I will root out a notebook and start trying to find some clarity amongst the chaos. At least life is never dull, eh?!



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