Creative minds

 Quote by John William Gardner.
Sometimes my mind is so full it is literally whizzing and fizzing with ideas and colour. I can’t stop it. When I’m teaching it’s an amazing tool as my creative brain makes even the dullest of curriculum topics look like a Disneyland post card (at least to me).

Most of the whizzing ideas are never used or I’m just unable to focus on one of them for long enough to actually give it a sprinkle of lateral thinking and a dash of reality.

Due to the volume and mess that my whizzing and fizzing head fills up with- it’s pretty messy in there (thankfully visitors can’t pop by) and at times it prevents me from sleeping or focusing when I need to. Why do ideas often appear just as you snuggle down?

If you live with a creative mind – you’re in good company. A creative mind doesn’t mean you go into a careers within the arts, as many successful accountants are creative with statistics and figures (who knew I shared any brain space with an accountant or banker).

Entrepreneurs are the creative thinkers that allow the fully flow of crazy ideas. As we know many have financial success, so I guess its important that we listen to our inner voice – it may just be the next great idea. So how do I control the fizz? I either don’t and just go with the creative chaos or I picture a white mirrored room and try to stop the whizzing by focusing on something clear and that calms my soul.

I guess a little like my previous post Fake a smile #1 listening to chilled music helps too. This is where I skip my Whitney tracks and go for Jack Johnson or Nerina…pure bliss 🙂 another idea that I’d like to share is a magical sparkly water melon book – okay, mine happens to be but I guess any (sparkly) paper pad would do.

When the world is still and sleeping and my mind is preparing for the unofficial Olympic Games of ideas and whizzing, I grab my pad and scribble, it allows my brain to empty and although the next morning I reflect back at my 2am scribble marathon with slight concern, I can usually use most of the ideas in some form or they can stay on the page until a time where they find their place.

How do you chill your whizzing brain, or like me do you secretly like to scribble them down?