Things I’m loving #4

Writing from the heart is always effortless and although highly indulgent I do like reflecting on the little things in life that make me smile.

November was a month when the temperatures in the UK dropped and winter slithered in from under the floor boards and overhead.

It was a month of new experiences and a month that tittered along at a nice speed.

As my previous post updated you I enjoyed the new experience of a fashion show emensely.

1.Clothes show live 2015

IMG_3206One of the aspects I most enjoyed was Libertys Histrorical stall, it reminded me how talented we are and how gorgeous the fabrics are (I do love a good print) and how eras alter and react to the world around us.

2. I’ve just finished reading Charlottes Web by E.B White.

Before you start questioning my age, I should let you know that back in September I wrote a post and set myself the goal of reading the top 100 books and this little piece of historical children’s fiction captured my heart – it was like slipping into my seven year old Mary Janes. Magical 🙂

Which leads me on seamlessly to my third item.

3. This lovely image.

 And in the spirit of Christmas shopping chaos, it was like a little yoga session to my soul that reminded me what is important to me and what I really need (unless you are Father Christmas in which case those Topshop earrings are still a major ‘need’). I’m not sure where I originally saw it, but I certainly am grateful for this image, it some how lifts my heart.

So take a deep breathe and a moment to enjoy the festivities that December incompasses us in, a step back can sometimes be the step up you actually need.


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