Things I’m loving #2

Home is the UK for me and above all I am loving the sun! It came out to play this weekend and the vitamin D3 was a great emotional pick me up and above all made me get out there and love life (whilst also doing some gardening!)

Friday night after work was well, more work – our new year intake was having a party / disco and if you’ve ever had the joy of watching a bunch of 12 year old girls and boys ‘party’ together you will know for a fact that men and women are separate species (possibly from separate planets) the girls went straight out on to the dance floor in small friendship clusters and jumped in the air (especially to 1D) the boys stayed in the corners of the room – as the night went on they pushed, pulled and generally acted like mini walruses getting sweaty and then finally congo’d around the hall like a fearless ride at Alton Towers…further increasing the sweat ratio.

However, one delight came in the form of 2 besties wearing the current ‘trend’ of skinny jeans and converse, from behind it looked pretty standard until they turned around…my heart felt complete as I witnessed the MOST awesome t-shirts in best friend history (see below)

 *disclaimer: picture taken from google images.

I may not be 12 years old, but I grabbed my phone and in an instant  despite the terrible music (you know you’re an ‘Adult’ when all music sounds the same) and horrendous heat…I purchased my very own set.

That’s right. I may be 33 years old (as is my bestie) and we may never wear them out in public, who am I kidding – they’re fricking awesome, of course we will wear them out! It was the best instant purchase ever and once I receive these goods a follow up post of photos of us in them will follow!

Which reminds me of a previous post of mine… Live life and forget your age and as the last time my bestie and me got together we were both wearing Disney inspired T-shirts (hers was Frozen and mine was Arial) I think we are both firmly grounded in the ‘hell yeah I can pull this off camp’ and the ‘I’m too old to care camp’.

This people is what I am loving and they haven’t even arrived yet 😊


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