Live your life and forget your age

 Quote by Norman Vincent Peale

Like most things in life I often think from a shoes perspective. If I was to judge my age by my shoe size I’d be a mere 2yrs old, which would make driving to work awkward and I’m not sure I’d have much luck being taken seriously in the classroom.

However, I’d relate to J better and let’s be honest everyone loves a nap time. I’ve never looked my age and I don’t think I ever will. My Dad has only a few grey hairs which in his 70’s (sssshhh don’t tell him I told you) is pretty amazing.

A few weeks ago I went to Sussex Uni with a group of year 10 pupils for a taster day – the lecturer who was also running the event asked me where my name badge was. Dressed in skinny jeans and converse I explained I was the teacher and at 32 rather loved him for thinking I could be 15yrs.

It made me think…I would never want to be 15yrs again and certainly not in this decade of social networking and 24/7 texting, apps and selfies…ok, I could handle the selfies.

A teacher I was working with is fast approaching the big 40, she said that once she reached this mile stone she would hang up her jeans as she felt she was too old for them.

Then it hit me…the worlds gone age mad! I spent my entire youth wanting to be 18 so that I could get into clubs, then realised that it was 21 before you could get into the decent clubs…now over 30 I avoid the clubs (they just don’t have the toddler facilities 😝)

When purchasing moisturiser it seems we now have to disclose our age to get the right one….

Stop! The fridge and I will have no more. Stop worrying about numbers like it changes you and concentrate on enjoying the moment. Who cares if at 27 I got a trampoline for my birthday or if Im partial to a bouncy castle (I just like jumping), I will buy the lady in work jeans for her 40th and I declare to never worry about getting old – there are too many awesome things to do and so little time. Crucially – worrying doesn’t change anything; except for your heart rate, wrinkles on your face and less of all those happy chemicals running around your body.

I’m not saying age isn’t relevant at all. As with most things there is a time and a place, but I think morals, values and manners are a little more essential to daily life than a selection of numbers on my birth certificate.

Which reminds me, why do we age babies in weeks and months? I really got caught up in that and with my non desirable maths skills it could take me a while to answer. Not anymore he is ‘2 and a bit’ because frankly 28 months sounds silly!

Please comment below if like me you declare  you will live now and worry later.


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