Even miracles take a little time

 Quote by ‘The Fairy Godmother’
It was recently pointed out to me by a year 8 pupil that 94% of the assemblies I deliver have some kind of Disney angle. (The other 6% is devoted to shoes) So this is probably not my first Disney quote via the fridge and it certainly won’t be my last.

I guess it allows me to unleash my inner princess and was probably a large component of my childhood (that and Sylvanian Families). It inspires, entertains and does all this with magic and the odd flying carpet or in the case of that particular assembly – Mary Poppins.

I digress, what I really want to express is my love for the mo-fo gangsta herself, the mighty FG.

Alakazam (unsure of the spelling but Google informs me this is also the name of a yellow Pokemon) wasn’t a word until that gentle, voluptuous grey haired chick grasped her wand and created a carriage fit for Cinders. When I look at my tired ‘done too many miles’ VW Golf, I wish I too had the ability to turn pumpkins into ornate carriages (or my dream wheels; probably an Evoque) but dreams or miracles in this case do take time (and lots of pennies).

The best miracles are the ones you don’t notice, where you reflect on life and realise how much you’ve accomplished. The feeling of clutching your graduation certificate, of taking your ‘homemade’ baby home, of getting that job, or finding that person that lights up your world…or if you’re a true tea geek like me – finding the perfect chamomile infusion before bed 🙂

Time allows for possibilities and future doors open to new accomplishments, the FG makes a valid point…all the good stuff takes time, so why wouldn’t miracles? It makes sense.

The Internet is full of stories of possibilities, miracles and everyday people experiencing dramatic events for the better.

So why wouldn’t it happen to you? Perhaps the fabulous FG isn’t going to knock on your door, perhaps she’s busy in the developing countries, saving humanity or maybe planting pumpkins…but with a little love and a sprinkle of time, who knows what delights may come your way? Just remember it’s never too late, it never goes the way you think it will and you can begin now. What little step can you do today to begin your journey?


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