Quote by Anon

‘Priorities’ is a swear word. To me it translates as the things ‘you should do first’ rather than the things I want to do, it also happens to usually be the jobs I’d rather not do ever and a ‘priority’ prevents me from doing the fun stuff like drinking cocktails in the garden or reading a book for pure enjoyment. 

In teacher land priorities are even worse, they sneak up on you (because you’ve ignored them all year) in the form of ‘data’ (an even worse swear word) or marking or something to do with upper pay scale and tracking- yuk! If you are a fellow teacher these words will send shivers down your spine like someone has not only stepped on your grave but also left a pile of marking next to it instead of a bouquet. Frankly, just rude.

However, this year I’ve perfected some of the time management issues that mean I require an extra hour in the day

The answer: I got up an hour early. Now first I should add that I am one of life’s freaks that doesn’t require a lot of sleep and I’m a morning person – so at around silly O’clock I get up and have a quiet hour to myself. I do really exciting things like unload the dishwasher, fold laundry or even a sneaky yoga class online. 

Ok, not exactly living the dream but it does allow me to have ‘me’ time and allows me to start the day with a ‘clean deck’ which makes me feel good. Plus I love the idea that the world is still sleeping.

  • My other new weapon of time management is an oldie but new to me…the slow cooker. Between this and my smoothie lunches we are eating healthier and cheaper. 

I literally don’t know how we survived without a slow cooker? I use it about twice a week, which gives me 2 evenings a week when Id usually be cooking dinner to have a slower paced shower and paint my nails…even better my slow cooker dish goes in the dishwasher. If stew in June isn’t your thing then don’t despair, we don’t either – so I hit Pinterest in a major way for summer recipes and let me tell you enchiladas in the SC are dreamy. 

This quote unlike many others makes me feel uncomfortable – it reminds me that I can make time and that sometimes we chose not to. So as always in this virtual world let’s turn this quote into a positive. 

Next time you’re asked to do something for someone else or your little one just wants you to play with them – think of the quote and ditch the cleaning, remember what’s important to you and spread a sprinkle of love where possible – in my experience the dust will wait for you. 

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