Loyal people still exist

 quote by Fridge’s fav: Anon

Always best in these instances to crack open a dictionary so we’re all on the same page, or in this instance ‘virtual space’.

Loyal: Giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution: 

Oxford dictionary (I’m so old school)

Okay, so sometimes in life you can get absorbed in the negative jargon of the newspapers, media in generally or even spend too much time with the elderly. Now before you all slate me for the last comment the two tie in. My Nanny nearly 90yrs old ( I say ‘my Nanny’ I kidnapped her from my Fiance and frankly she is a legend and I’d take her in the event of a divorce) and watches a lot of TV, so much so she can tell you about global atrocities, natural disasters and she spends many an hour discussing her privacy laws with any brave soul that attempts to cold call her… But sometimes I see a glimpse of surprise in her, a twinkle in her eye as she says ‘ someone helped me on the bus today’ or how she dropped her stick (always the sticks fault for being slippery) and a ‘youth’ helped her.

I know we live in a world where not everybody waits there turn in the que, stays faithful in their relationship or acts without criminal intent but I really do believe that if we look for good, trust our instincts (and avoid the news) we may just experience a positive world.

So If you have been treated poorly in the past (haven’t we all?) don’t judge the next Tom, Dick or…Sally by the same token, you may just find love, or they may pick that slippery stick up for you.

Stay loyal fridge crew.

Have you been hurt by a lack of loyalty? If so air it out with us below and we’ll rally around and restore love and justice for you 🙂


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