Some people are worth melting for

 Quote by Disney’s ‘Olaf”

I love this little quote and that snowy guy, I mean come on he isn’t as annoying as most of the Disney comedy characters and as a secret princess / kick ass woman – I’m so with the Frozen team, I’ve already got the t-shirt and mug…ok, not the mug but only because it wouldn’t match all the other mugs I have  (I’m such a loser), anyway it’s a good question – who would you melt for?

Personally, I speak to my bestie everyday on the way too or on the way home from work, I also speak to my Mum or Skype her everyday, so in true girl power spirit these women empower me….but melt? Hmmm…not so much?

It’s the men I melt for, and I’m not just talking David Beckham. My Dad was my first hero and he is soooo random at times he makes me laugh constantly. My ‘other half’ is totally gorgeous in my opinion and as my trusty soul mate and partner in crime / supermarket shopping buddy…melting comes easy.

My little man makes me continually laugh and I sometimes wished when he was a baby that I could get into his head and find out what he was thinking, well he was two in March so with no filter between his brain and his mouth – I now can; he melts my heart constantly with his funny little habits, phrases that just blurts out and genuine curiosity of the world. When J really melts my heart though is when he is sleeping, I think it’s probably an undeveloped cave chick thing, but I could watch that boy sleep forever, from his perfectly plump lips to his content eyelashes. (pause to have a mummy hormonal melt down of my own) or in the car the other day when he was gurgling with his drink. I put my Mummy voice on and told him it wasn’t funny – he replied “it is a little bit funny mummy” and that was it, I was laughing and completely undermined my own authority – oops!

The kids at school melt me sometimes, usually it’s the random questions they ask or things they say. Note to self: write kid school phrases down 🙂

So, come on, don’t hold back who melted you this week?

Puddle love

Fridge x


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