Exist to be happy not to impress

Quote by American author Richard Bach.

One of my indulgent fav’s is my mini series on the delights of the previous month titled #things I’m loving and back last year I posted this little joy  #things I’m loving 2 you may need to have a quick read for the next paragraph to make sense.

Anyway, I think it shows that once purchased my bestie and me seriously didn’t care and wore our best friends t-shirts with giggles (pride was lost during our Univeristy years)

This week my little dude and I were blessed with her arrival and apart from a little t-shirt loving we made time to sneak off for a secret Hendricks Gin at my local (which felt rebellious at one in the afternoon) but was nice to breath in a little ‘us’ time before we walked home and she was on story telling duty with my son who insisted reading occurred in his ‘Igloo’ (she really does love him)

Once little man was snoozing in bed me and Mr F cooked up a storm with this fish dish to wish for. Seriously yummy and not that indulgent at all with the only ‘minxy’ ingredient being 100ml single cream – which split between four was irrelevant…win! We served it with sour dough as a treat. 

Where am I going? Well I realised that in my little bubble it may be a bit ‘unique’ but joy is found amongst us and those we wish to share, I’d never want to go back to my ‘care about what people think’ teenage years – but for those that have entered that bubble, like my bestie – it’s always a blessing.

If you care a little too much what others think perhaps you should also buy bestie t-shirts, drink Gin in the afternoon or read in a snuggly place just because. I know from my own experience that those whose opinions I used to care about are long gone and like a gin – the others get better with age.

*Dedicated to my awesome bestie and the greatest God mother on the planet, we adore you x


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