We have tomorrow for a reason 

Quote Anon.

The concept of tomorrow gives me a little hope, so I think this post will mainly be about that four letter word that is way more powerful than most seven lettered words (small things and all that).

When the day isnt flowing how I’d like or I feel suffocated by the world around me as people demand, take, grab and ask…I often think that ‘tomorrow will be better’, without defending into melancoholy it’s true that we don’t know when our tomorrow’s  will run out, but I hope for tomorrow and to an extent I expect it. Tomorrow gives me hope, for better, less demanding, more enjoying moments.

Having just swerved (but acknowledged) the subject or death rather neatly I also feel the need to do the same for ‘living like everyday is your last’ that’s great if you’re backpacking around the world and seizing the day…but seriously who would have just hoovered their lounge, spent a week of there life potty training a 2yr old ( also know as a prisoner in my own home), who would bother to run the washing machine today if ‘seizing’ was a long term achievement? In reality I’ve just done all those things and I blooming hope for a tomorrow that will be a little more fun…hey at least if it’s not we will all have clean undies 🙂

The indulgence of ‘tomorrow’ gives us hope for long term goals to be fulfilled, to not eat all the biscuits (that’s why I’ve eaten them today, to help tomorrow out), for things to ease and change to occur.

Change is often like a leaky tap, when really we would all prefer a fountain of change at times, particularly a positive financial gain or when we face a long term illness.

I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring? We have plans so I’m hoping it will be lovely, I’m hoping it will come and I’m hoping yours will to…but before we rest our heads and wait for it to arrive make sure that once the chores are out the way there’s a little time today to indulge, to make small changes or just to smile.

30 thoughts on “We have tomorrow for a reason 

  1. I hope all of your tomorrows are lovely. And when they’re not (because life likes to throw them at us) I hope you’re able to find at least a little bit of lovely in even the shittiest of days!

    That was deeper than I thought I was capable of before 8am on a Saturday morning! Have a lovely weekend! #thesatsesh


  2. This was really interesting to read; I think a lot of people ‘live for the weekend’ or go through life always hoping tomorrow will be better- you’ve hit on something really insightful here. P.s. your comments and replies are brilliant- I bet your book-marking at work is fabulous! #thesatsesh


  3. you are so right. My post is about Living Life but that doesn’t exclude me having to clean the toilet and launder my knickers but in between the mundane there are moments of extraordinary for all of us (I hope ) xxxx


  4. Very true. I’m a very optimistic person (sometimes too optimistic) and a real day dreamer 🙈 Hope everyone’s tomorrow is filled with love and happiness. #thesatsesh


  5. Such a great post!i must admit I have always thought the love for today mantras a bit annoying when my day is teaching 6 year olds addition or I come home and have to cook food again. We have to experience the dull to revel in the bright. Have a super half term! #thesatsesh


  6. I always try and tell myself when I have had a particularly hard day that tomorrow is a new day! Sometimes it is hard. Hope you have a fab day!


  7. I particularly love that you’ve eaten all of the biscuits today to help tomorrow out. I am going to tell myself that next time I eat all of the cookies. Pen x #thesatsesh


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