It’s never too late…

 Quote from George Eliot. Now a quick Google and I found out that this Victorian author was in fact female and was actually called Mary. Her pen name was masculine so that readers took her seriously…I love this quote even more now. I may even give one of her books a go, plus she felt her work was to enrich and enlighten – over a hundred years later and she is still doing this for me.

Alas, in true Lucy style I am going to lower the tone. When I was about five I fell in love with a Goldie Hawn film…this is the kind of love where you are able to watch  the film so many times you can warp the video tape but know all of the words. The Film was called ‘Over board’ (1987) and to this day I know every word, so much so I don’t find it enjoyable without receiting each word…which means no one will watch it with me.

This quickly led to the love of the film ‘Mannequin’ 1987 with Kim Cattral which I wasn’t so obsessed with but definetly secured my love of blonde chicks and also in my thirties, still secretly desire an actual mannequin for my home, I think I even asked for one for my eighth birthday? So practical…

The third film that I would note had another blonde…Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks (don’t even start me on sleepless and Seattle or you’ve got mail) in Splash (1984) this sealed my dream – to be a Mermaid and my passion for crimped hair.

Now when Areil hit the big screen (1989) this only enhanced my love for both Disney and Mermaids, she was my ultimate heroine (if only she’d been blonde), amazing vocals, a fish as a best bud, perfect hair even in the worst of storms and let’s be honest how can anyone who takes guidance from a seagull not be loved? Areil was fiesty and independent; of course she would walk and I’d gladly have swapped my legs to be her.

So, at around four years old I also decided to be a teacher, which as you guys know worked out great as I love my job…but I wouldn’t hesitate it in a second to dive ‘under the sea’ to be ‘part of that world’ because ‘Darling it’s better down where’s it’s wetter, take it from me’…fine I’ll stop the lyrical inserts and I’ll even admit that it would have to be ‘Disney sea’ that I lived in with talking fish and bright blue / warm waters rather than the south coast murky, absolutely freezing can’t see bugger all real sea…but the dream is still present.

The dream makes me smile from my belly button, it makes me wonder how a 2016 Splash would adapt to 4g and surround sound, to mobile phones, tablets and ‘gizmos of plenty’? I will demand until the moment that I fly from this planet that dreams are possible, no matter how extreme or how unlikely. I will always live in my world where dreams can be achieved no matter how old, fat or thin you are, whether you’re rich or have little, loved or are allergic to nuts because what’s the point otherwise?

Maybe your dream isn’t reliant on growing a fin, maybe it’s stemmed in a new venture or way of life…maybe the dream for you begins tomorrow – however close or far it is, dream big and never let anyone tell you any different, perhaps they have lived a sheltered life without Disney or Goldie Hawn for entertainment and moral structuring, meanwhile I will move a step closer by asking my Mum to knit me a Mermaid blanket.

(Seriously look it up on Pinterest)

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