Life is a BIG canvas

 Quote by Danny Kaye.

I usually write while J sleeps be that in the day when he naps or at night but this blog is written by the side of a swimming pool whilst Daddy ‘swims’, he brought a Daddy friend (hehe) and J’s friend. It’s boiling on the sidelines and they are blaring out loud tunes whilst kids leaps on giant inflatables…think of it like a tropical paradise if you will (the reality is a little more mid Sussex at 4pm on a Saturday afternoon)…what’s that got to do with a canvas? Well twenty minutes a go we were snuggled on the sofa with no plans – then a friend calls and says ‘wanna go swimming’ and we’re here. Like I said the reality isn’t exactly the tropics but I don’t think canvas’s need to be…a good life painting should be varied, involve as many new experiences as possible and as many cultures, new foods and as close to natures as possible…for myself I’ll also add a wardrobe full of high heels and a book collection to turn heads.

There is a challenge where people say ‘yes’ for a year and although I’ve never done it myself the results seem to be impressive and the reflections are often how one opportunity leads to another or that the person realises how often they use to say no.

Saying ‘yes’ surely has to lead to bigger things and a better canvas as you exit this crazy Earth of ours? Worst case scenario you may end up an your local swimming pool with an hour  to yourself 🙂

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