Lovely things #7

Who is stealing 2016…March is upon us and I feel like we just experienced Christmas? 

I’m surrounded by Pisces boys, so between Mr Fridge, my Dad and my little man February to March brings cake galore, endless wrapping paper and I’m partial to a balloon on the door (even if the bigger boys find it embarrassing).

Half term bought the chaos of potty training to our home and although at times I felt trapped in the confides of my living room walls, we did venture out to our local book store (J calls it the book shelf) for these newbies below, not PR related but Catherine Rayners books come hugely recommended (plus the sequel came out last week and is upstairs hidden waiting for an up coming birthday), we also purchased the doughnut below and I made a cup of tea for us both – we snuggled on the sofa and it was one of those delightful afternoons where being a Mummy is effortless and joyful. (Plus the prospect of cake helped stop him reading the books on the way home)


Next on my list of love was J helping me with my fridge business – he is just on the precipise of learning his alphabet (we are up to G), his favourite letter is C for crocodile – this plastic creature comes everywhere with us (inc bed) and was the best £2 ever spent. However, as I arrange my fridge magnets and usually usher him away (previous toddler behaviour has meant he had eaten them or ran away with a crucial vowel)…I realised he was interested, he wanted to help and to my Mummy delight – he was useful, well as useful as you can be if the letter I required was from A-G. This photo below was what happened to the remaining alphabet but for me captures that wonderful moment when you realise you made a tiny human. That really is a lovely thing.


I guess this time of year reminds me how blessed I am to be surrounded by a pretty awesome selection of boys / men who for most of the year drive me bonkers, really are the best team around. 

Incase you are thinking where’s the girlie bliss, the bubbles or the sparkle – I offer you this…


  The Neom candle is a slightly wonderful soya based delight that I’m in love with. This one is ‘tranquility’ and with a heavenly scent of English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine…I’m off to bed one happy lady

*dedicated to my boys and all of the beautiful candles of the world.

4 thoughts on “Lovely things #7

  1. I am not looking forward to when it is time to potty train again – it is not one of my favourite things! But we love new books in this house too and I can spy a dino book my son would love. I also love how your son helped you and got involved with the magnets on the fridge, what a lovely memory. Thanks for linking up to #lovelythings


  2. Potty trainer is so dull. It makes you boarder line psychotic ‘do you want to go, are you sure? Sure your sure?’ Ahhhhhhh
    Plus J isn’t very good at enjoying the celebration moments – he looks at me like I need to get out more, I’m a mother to a nearly three year old, of course I need to get out more.


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