Only the ideas we actually…

 Quote by Hermann Hesse, sometimes the best bit for me about a quote is the Authors contributions, as a poet, author and Nobel peace prize winner Hermann is such an inspirational man, I can’t help thinking his perspectives for the time he was writing in were advanced. Not surprising when you think this is what most of the greats do.

I have ideas popping through my brain most moments of many days. Not all the ideas are worthy of life, a second thought or even any further thoughts BUT I think I could cover the Eifle Tower in post-it’s of possibility most weeks.

Friends of ours recently packed up, shipped out and took over a BnB in France…raving mad or living the dream, I think either option has potential but right now their idea is real and alive…how many people dream of living abroad and don’t go any further than a 2 week half board once a year?

We often discuss how we can’t take the material world to the grave with us, yet I often wonder behind the coffin how much potential, how many dreams and ideas were never realised…because they too die or never really came to life at all. 

I wonder if ideas were the size of golf balls whether we’d all be drowning in ideas like the crazy golf course had exploded in some internal nuclear eruption…

Ideas are so important. Whether they are silly, like those straw glasses you can get a sporting events or life saving like vaccines and antibiotics…these of course spectrums apart have lived on beyond ideas and so are part of life as we know it.

Many people take part in detox diets, 100 days of happiness projects or even use lent to clean out their soul…or leave the biscuit tin alone. I wonder what would happen if we took note of ideas for just a week and actively did what we could to breathe life in to just one of them – I bet by listening, taking inspiration and acting on it this world would become pretty awesome really quickly, that or we would all walk around with the crazy straw glasses on. So 1987

Have a blessed week and take time to listen to and activate those ideas you didn’t even realise whizzed through your head space. It might just be a miraculous week 🙂

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