An aprons is…

  I always adore to give credit where it is due and let you know who wrote the quotes I use. However, this little cooking delight seems to have broken me, lots of people are claiming it as their very own. As a result of upsetting someone, Im going to avoid the issue and hope you understand.

Okay, so I’m not called Delia, I recognise Mary B as the English Queen of baked goods and I know my Nigella’s from my Nigel Slaters but that is where it ends. Despite the kitchen link in my blogs title – I’m really not a guru in the kitchen. This may explain why we chose to buy a gigantic American Fridge freezer (the background and inspirational beginning for all my titles) and never gave a thought to its measurement, oh well it looks lush in the dinning room and you can grab the ketchup from the fridge whilst seated – winning.

However, I can cook and in general I do it well. I studied it at school; B grade food tech GCSE (not too shabby) and over the years I’ve blossomed, my ‘from scratch’ yorkshires are epic and my chilli is Autumnally wonderful…but I know my limits, or do I?

This really is what I wanted to write about –  I don’t plan photos and blogs in advanced, in fact I don’t plan much in life.

But in the kitchen I adore to cook with Mr Fridge, together we have completed most of Levi Roots recipes and we both love the Carribean flavour and attitude to food. I also love the team aspect of a recipe, we both have areas of expertise – he marinates and chops, I know what we have in the larder and check all meat is cooked, other than that we work it out and a little like super heroes we see our mission to the end.

Our recent ‘mission’ was beer can chicken, we knew it could be done on a BBQ – but it shot to the top of our ‘to do’ list when we found out you can also use the oven.

See below our precooked efforts.

  I wasn’t planning (because I don’t) on blogging about it, so this is just a photo I took because it made me chuckle. When I saw Mr B Chicken (yes I always name the Sunday meat) standing there, I shot upstairs for some specs to complete his look. I know my brain is a scary place where sparkles and rainbows meet inappropriate chuckles.

While Mr F cooked the chick I was in charge of the rice and peas and below is a picture I took to send to our friend who inspired the meal. It was so Nom Nom 🙂

Okay, away from the grub and back to the point of this quote. I basically think whatever your level of expertise, cooking is a great place to explore cultures, try new flavours, develop techniques and if like me you have a partner in crime, join together and complete the challenge.

Is it time you dusted your cape off and got out of a food rut? Let the mission begin!

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