Sensory play #3 play doh monsters

Today’s little gem is even better than the last! Yet again, I had all of the ingredients and therefore is was a free interactive skills that I think J loved.

I want to write that J loved it because it enriched his fine motor skills (that’s the skill set that will one day help him use scissors and operate his keys drunk at 4am) but honestly he loved fighting with them and used them as figures to play with (added bonus). The photo below is a little favourite because he used the fussli pasta as teeth, which as I looked at it was like stepping into his ever wonderful and developing imagination.

So, what do you need to do?

Grab some play doh (or make some of your own) and a selection of dried pasta’s and get going. My only tip is pop these in a little bowl so that your living room doesn’t look like a Dolmio commercial. J knew what to do by copying me…

Meet Synthia (above) my very own play doh monster…being a Disney Princess I really wished I had some pasta bows in the cupboard for her hair!

Anyway, enjoy – I can honestly say it was the longest J has ever played with this sort of resource before. However, I can’t say that this was my idea. I found it on a yummy mummy blog titled mummyonabudget, you can Click here for a quick mooch at her page , so all hail play doh queen! Many thanks x


22 thoughts on “Sensory play #3 play doh monsters

  1. Oh we do love a squish around with playdough. Well, my 5 yo girl does. The 7 yo boy is never that bothered. But making monsters and fighting with them might be the way forward. Especially if they have spaghetti. They could joust like knights! #thesatsesh


  2. Playdoh monsters – inspired! We do love a bit of playdoh here and I strongly suspect the boys will burst if we bring monsters into it too. That is tomorrows in the shade activity sorted when it gets too hot #thesatsesh


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