Be warned nobody wants to claim this quote, but it seems in comes in multiple variations (it’s a tricky quote, including substituting Tigers for Wolves…which may make this quote even cooler?)

I could probably write this post in one line…stop worrying about what other people think. (If you’re short for time – leave it there)

However, I work in an all girls school and it doesn’t take Oprah to see that worrying about what others think is as common as Miley Cyrus getting her kit off. It would also seem that ‘caring’ is at its peek in the teenage years.

Then, as a birthday gift I received this book from a delux Devon delight.

 Do you ever find with children’s literature that it sometimes blows your mind? This particular Tuxedo Tiger is more than just dashing and if I’m on the wave length that the author Peter Brown was hoping for then this book is about ‘being you’ and finding that when you do, your true friends love you just the same.
It was at this point that something clicked in my little blonde world – surely if I’m the tiger, my true friends/family, the core group I care for and ‘hunt’ for- and frankly the core group that I get seriously protective over. If this is to be true, then next time you worry that your butt looks big in those shorts (it works for J-lo) who cares what anyone, and I stress anyone thinks of you.

So, hopefully I’ve inspired you to give a little less to those who do not care or even notice you’re even wearing shorts and remember a true loved one loves you even if you are wearing a top hat.

(Seriously, read the book – I’m sure if you add a glass of wine to the mix, or even a bottle it could become the deepest thing you ever read…and if not, my 2 year old likes the vibrant visuals)

Be a Tiger x

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