Weird is a side effect of awesome

Quote by Bill Murray 

It all began just before lunch on a Saturday, my son who is three asked me if we could look in the fridge and see what was in there. I asked him if he wanted lunch and casually asked him what he wanted. 

As the fridge door swang open he asked for a cheese sandwhich (a classic fav for my little monster) and then his eyes spied the squirty cream hanging in the door compartment, confidentially he said ‘ a cheese sandwhich with squirty cream on top please mummy’ my reaction was simple. No

  • As he began to whine and I walked a way I thought, why can’t he? Why did I ask him if I wasn’t going to listen to him? How unempowering as a mother is that? I felt sad and instantly grabbed the fridge door, took out the wholemeal bread, cheese and squirty cream; his face lit up and so did my soul. 

(I couldn’t actually bring myself to squirt the cream ‘on top’ but he was happy and ate every bite) 

My little miracle son, who has been on this planet for just over three years empowered me. I spend my life telling him and my students at school that they can do what they like, that limitation is a state of mind and to dream big. In articles like Tigers I hopefully inspire you all to do the same. 

Now before ‘nutritional experts / haters’ or may be even angry lacto intolerant people comment on what I gave my son today, negativity is not welcome here. My  monster can eat for England, has a fabulous varied diet and had all of his 5 a day by 10am this morning. He isn’t under or over weight and to be honest every now and then I may let him assemble his own creations from now on. It didn’t do Heston Blumenthal any harm in his career and this was more about choices and creativity than nutrition – although I’m thinking his calcium intake for today is taken care of, right?

To my little rascal, a huge thank you for giving me a sense of empowerment and here’s to occasionally letting you take the culinary reigns, even if the menu may resemble Letitia Cropley’s (old lady in the Vicar of Dibley) taste palette. 

Stay empowered and listen to your inner tuition, it’s very rarely wrong. 


12 thoughts on “Weird is a side effect of awesome

  1. I know I say this every. single. time but I love this! Parenting goals right there. My youngest daughter is of a similar personality and I try to encourage her to simply be herself. There’s no such thing as ‘normal’ xx P.S Bill Murray is my god. Adam met him whilst playing a gig at South By South West in Texas a few years ago and only disclosed this AFTER I agreed to marry him. That fact alone would have sealed the deal 😉

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  2. This is brilliant! And you are so right. Why can’t you have squirty cream with cheese sandwiches? It’s not hurting anyone and maybe it’s better than you think!
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK 🙂

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  3. I can’t wait for my little boy to be a little bigger and ask for crazy things and open his imagination! I can’t wait to encourage it! Even now I always at to my husband.. ‘Is he being naughty ? Or just learning and exploring’

    Good for you! What a great mindset!

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  4. Hi! I love your article! But I have a thought for you: maybe being overweight or underweight is not always a bad thing. There are proponents of the idea that BMI is an outdated concept and does not reflect true health. You might want to know the concepts of HAES (health at every size), I fell in love with such concepts. And I totally agree that judging people’s food choices is bad and unhelpful, it is called food shaming. Each body is unique and must be respected! Have a nice day! 🙂


    1. I have heard of these concepts and have never paid attention to BMI’s for the reason you mentioned above. I would suggest that the line you wrote about respecting our bodies is essential to your comment and that extremes often lack this essential sparkle.


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