Quote by the talented C S Lewis

When I was a little princess I wasn’t very good at playing hide and seek. This is a big deal as an infant – I hated the tension of waiting to be found and I was even worse and knowing across the playground were people hiding from me.I avoided tension at all costs and as a result am an adult that still can’t do films with ‘jaws’ affiliated music, any sort of ghost house or theme park ride where people may jump out. The other thing that I have is a huge conscience – I’m just under 5ft but my conscience is easily 7ft. The great thing is that it is with me even when people aren’t watching. At work I can’t walk past litter without popping it in a bin, if the corridors are empty and I’m in a hurry and walk past a piece of litter I can literally hear it calling me, I usually walk back to pick it up and I guess the two allow integrity to blossom in my world. Integrity is far deeper than litter, but I think it’s the small moments of acting ‘morally’ whether people are watching or not. I use morally lightly as this is subjective to personal interpretation. 

It’s amazing how much our primary socialisation impacts us as adults. I’m not sure you can build on integrity if it’s not there? (Although you can build on any aspect of your life that you aren’t happy with) Integrity is the foundations of your soul, the cement of your thoughts and the dial to your moral compass.

If you constantly worry about what people think and only act in a positive manner because they are watching – you’ve forgotten your foundations and perhaps your dial may need ammending. Worst still is acting in a poor manner because others are watching and you think they’d approve.

Spend time this week thinking about your core morals and never shift from these beliefs. It may be helpful to jot them down. Integrity is the essence of you, and if you can’t do you then you’ve lost the best asset that you will ever have. I told you C S Lewis was a clever chap.


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