Collect moments #3yrs

Quote by Aarti Khurana.

Before you think I’m going to waffle on about cleaning out the cupboard that no one dare open for fear of death (or in my case suffocation of thousand of carrier bags cascading out), I’m not. 

Instead I’m going to focus on an idea I’ve seen across the net for your little ones. In essence you ask them 20 questions and record the answers every year. I’m using my blog but you can use your Facebook page, a note book or even the notes section in your phone. I may actually do the note book too, as I like the idea of having a scrap book with the questions all together to look back on; you could include pictures and maybe even handwritten responses as they get older.

Simple but so blooming gorgoeus. J loved being asked and it’s definetly something you’ll see here annually. Enjoy and why not give it a go yourself. As I was doing it I wondered (with an adjustment to the questions) how an adult version may be just as inciteful

1. What’s your favourite colour? Green 

2. What’s your favourite toy?    Ohhh my cars 

3. What’s your favourite fruit?   Blueberries (really? Stop eating all the bananas in the house then)

4. What do you like to watch on TV? CBeebies, Rah Rah.

5. What do you like to eat at lunch? Cheese sandwich 

7. What item of clothing do you most like to wear? My crocodile t-shirt 

8. What game do you like to play? The owl game (a phonic game he recently got from ELC)

9. What’s your favourite animal? A crocodile.

10.  What song do you most like? Miss Polly had a dolly and Up town funk (haha eclectic taste)

11. What’s your favourite snack? Coss-ants (croissant are eaten in huge quantities every weekend) 

12. Favourite story book? Billy Goats Gruff

13. Who’s your best friend? Thomas (from Nursery)

14. What’s your favourite sport? Rugby (Daddy may of encouraged this answer)

15. Which holiday do you like the best? Christmas 

16. What do you sleep with? Muzzy (Muslin) and my pillow (he has forgotten the toy box he usually sleeps with) 

17. What do you like best for breakfast? Jam and porridge with jam…just jam.

18. What do you like to do outside? Play 

19. What’s your favourite drink? Pineapple Juice

20. What’s your favourite dinner? Pizza,ooohh pizza can we have pizza? (No) *sulks complete with bottom lip

Until next year, thanks for reading. Please share any that you do, as I genuinely would love to read them.

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