#4yrs collect moments

Last year I asked my son twenty questions, this year I’m doing the same. It’s a wonderful way to archive a few of his favourite things and already I can see his voice forming and getting more opinionated.

If you do something similar, please let me know as I’d love to read them.

To look back, here’s the link to # 3 years old

1. What’s your favourite colour? Green

2. What’s your favourite toy?    ummm…a slimer with a policeman ( He doesn’t have anything like this? I’m thinking the Ghostbusters toy advertised on tv?)

3. What’s your favourite fruit?   Banana

4. What do you like to watch on TV? Ninja Turtles, Donatello is my favourite (DVD)

5. What do you like to eat at lunch? picky bits *a selection of whatever Mummy can find and arrange on a plate

6. Who’s in your family? Mummy, Daddy and Moët (the name of our dog, not the bottles lying around)

7. What item of clothing do you most like to wear? The one I’m wearing now (shark t-shirt)

8. What game do you like to play? Fighting and Monsters (…thanks Daddy)

9. What’s your favourite animal? A crocodile and sharks, oh and I do like hippopotamus’s

10.  What song do you most like? Silly songs and Hangman Jury (Daddies Aerosmith influence)

11. What’s your favourite snack? Dunkers

12. Favourite story book? Sea creatures under the water.

13. Who’s your best friend? Henry James, who lives across our street.

14. What’s your favourite sport? Crazy golf… (not sure this counts)

15. Which holiday do you like the best? Birthdays and Christmas why? because it’s lovely.

16. What do you sleep with? Muzzy (Muslin) and sea creatures, mainly crocodiles and sharks.

17. What do you like best for breakfast? Banana, crossiant and Jam  

18. What do you like to do outside? Play

19. What’s your favourite drink? Bubbles (lemonade) and Pineapple juice

20. What’s your favourite dinner? Cheesy pizza.

Until next year, thanks for reading. Please share any that you do, as I genuinely would love to read them.

33 thoughts on “#4yrs collect moments

  1. Oh this is such a wonderful idea to ask the same questions each year and to look back on in years to come! Love how friends have a surname when you’re small – I just love that! Oh and the bubbles too for Lemonade! #DreamTeam

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    1. I will, last year I missed Q6. So I added who’s in your family and I thought this perspective might widen (grandparents etc) as he gets older. Everyone loves bubbles, mummy does 😉

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  2. Oh what a lovely idea! And such cute answers! I did giggle at the bottles lying around your house being classed as family! Hahaha #triumphanttales

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  3. I love these types of posts. It’s always interesting to see what kids come out with. No doubt yours would be like my little man’s and it would be different every day! Loving the Hangman Jury choice – he has taste! 🙂 Thanks for joining #TriumphantTales, hope to see you back next week! 🙂

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  4. Oh this is so cute! I love the name Moet for a dog, that’s awesome 🙂 Also love that kids always call their friends by name and surname! Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam


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