#5yrs Collect things

For the last two years I’ve documented the little dudes ‘favourites’ with twenty questions. I realise it may not be the most scintillating post to read, but sometimes a Mummy blogger has to be selfish and use her corner of the internet as a place for memories. So far, we are have done this three times and its been interesting to see that he’s like have stayed pretty similar (Mummy was scared School might sanitise his imagination) click here if you’d like to read the previous years post, otherwise enjoy. Let me know if you decide to do, or already do something like this.

1. What’s your favourite colour? Green

2. What’s your favourite toy?   My plastic crocodiles and sharks.

3. What’s your favourite fruit? Banana

4. What do you like to watch on TV? Transformers on DVD (Daddy is creating a retro child)

5. What do you like to eat at lunch? Fish and chips at school on Fridays, with baked beans.

6. Who’s in your family? Mummy, Daddy and Moët…Nanny Bonkers, Nanny Gill, Grandad Tom and Grandad Ken, Nanny Choc choc, Margaret the African snail and Ragnarok the stick insect.

7. What item of clothing do you most like to wear? Jogging bottoms and my pjs. Oh and my favourite costume is…all of them. (J often leaves the house in something from his costume box, today he went out topless with a cape and dagger, it was a strong look)

8. What game do you like to play? On my Leap Frog, Octonauts and Frogs and Friends. Dinosaurs, animals – so many things Mummy.

9. What’s your favourite animal? Tortoise, Hedgehog, Crocodile, Shark and Octopus

10.  What song do you most like? You don’t know me (by Jax Jones feat Raye)

11. What’s your favourite snack? Smokey cheese and Halloumi but not together

12. Favourite book? My new sea monster book, it’s precious (encyclopaedia of prehistoric Sharks and other sea monsters – seriously worth remortgaging the house for)

13. Who’s your best friend? Henry James Garrad.

14. What’s your favourite sport? Obstacle courses and Judo

15. Which holiday do you like the best? The school holidays, (why?) because they are lovely and you get to stay at home.

16. What do you sleep with? Muzzy (Muslin) and my toys, books, anything I can’t sneak in really.

17. What do you like best for breakfast? Rice crispie’s

18. What do you like to do outside? Find mysteries

19. What’s your favourite drink? Lemonade

20. What’s your favourite dinner? I can handle this question easily – pizza. It’s from Italy, all the good for is…Macaroni, pesto pasta and my favourite pizza!!!


13 thoughts on “#5yrs Collect things

  1. this really is such a great idea, I need to do this with my kids! I love his fav animals and what he loves doing outside!


  2. Oh I love posts like this. I’m naturally curious about everyone! I wish I had done this with my eldest (who is now 13 going on 45) but I think I will start with Siena who will be 5 at the end of this month. It’s so good to look back on in the future and then show to their girlfriends, the coolest kids in high school, future employers etc Ha ha!


  3. Oh wow, I love these answers! “so many things mummy” *melts* What a lovely thing to do! #thesatsesh


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